Organic Farming Solutions

Eating healthy food improves performance and keeps illness at bay. Watch the video to learn about an organic farming method that blends several practices like rainwater harvesting, greenhouse, composting, etc. These practices enhance the soil quality that in turn yields good quality crops.

driving licence

Smart Card Driving Licence

Rash driving by young children have led to several road accidents. Hence, a driving licence is an essential document that is issued to only eligible drivers. The licence serves as an important safety net. This model consists of a card reader that changes the light colour on inserting and detecting the correct licence. Want to … Continue reading “Smart Card Driving Licence”

Smart Farming Using Sponge

Have you heard about sponge farming? A sponge has a great capacity to hold water. Sponge farming is a simple process. Anyone can plant, maintain and harvest sponge crops. Watch this video to learn the procedures and benefits of starting your commercial sponge farm. Just Learning is where you can find innovative science projects. If … Continue reading “Smart Farming Using Sponge”

Clap Switch

Clap Switch – Protect Travel Bags From Theft

Have you heard about the sound operated switch? Did you know it can help to protect your travel bag from theft? This student has come up with a device that turns on the light with a sound, in case anyone tries to rob the bag. Watch the video to know about this exciting device!

Women’s Safety

Electric Shock Belt For Women’s Safety

Women and girls face various attacks verbally or physically. The offensive behaviour that they encounter needs to come to an end. Eve teasing is one of the many forms of harassments that women encounter. Even in public places women and girls of different age groups face various types of challenges. This student has created a … Continue reading “Electric Shock Belt For Women’s Safety”

Soil Sensor Technology

Soil Sensor Technology: To Efficiently Use Water

Water is a scare resource and must be optimally used. While some areas receive ample amount of water, other areas face droughts in India. Water shortages may be caused by climate change, such as altered weather patterns including droughts or floods, increased pollution, and increased human demand and overuse of water. To ensure water is … Continue reading “Soil Sensor Technology: To Efficiently Use Water”

Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker: A Low Cost Alternative

Food is cooked on a daily basis in every household. In some households food is even cooked twice a day. For this purpose a large amount of energy is regularly consumed. But there is a freely available source of energy which is inexhaustible. Watch this student’s solution to know more. Just Learning aims to create … Continue reading “Solar Cooker: A Low Cost Alternative”

Road Cleaner

Road Cleaner – Maintain A Clean & Green Environment

Heaps of garbage are dumped on the roads and not cleaned for weeks, which can cause adverse health effects. Therefore, this student has created a device that can clean the roads. Now we can easily maintain a clean and green environment!

Hygienic Water Tap

Hands-Free Hygienic Water Tap

Washing hands with soap removes germs from the hands. This helps to prevent infections. Germs can get into the body through the eyes, nose and mouth and make you sick. But what if the faucet carries germs and while closing the tap they are transferred onto your hands. The purpose of washing your hands is … Continue reading “Hands-Free Hygienic Water Tap”

Mine Water Discharge

Efficient Use Of Mine Water Discharge

While mining, the top water is considered as waste water which is often thrown away. Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) has been optimally utilizing the waste water from its mining process which was earlier discarded. Through their CSR initiative, water has been processed through the RO plant and is supplied to the villagers where it is … Continue reading “Efficient Use Of Mine Water Discharge”

Knitting Rope Maker

Knitting Rope Maker – A Smart Plastic Solution

Are you thinking about recycling waste plastic bottle? How about making a decorative piece with threads of PET bottles? This video showcases a device that cuts a plastic bottle into fine strips. The device uses materials such as a table, sharp blades, nuts, bolts, washers, metal rod, cycle hub, handle rotator, etc. So now you … Continue reading “Knitting Rope Maker – A Smart Plastic Solution”

Macrophytes and Macroinvertebrates

Observation and Documentation of Macrophytes and Macroinvertebrates

Marine biodiversity is a vast and interesting subject for research. These students visited a lake to learn and observe about the life beneath, focusing on the plants that develop a habitat and provide food to marine life. A specific position at the lake was selected for the observation. Students observed a new thing at each … Continue reading “Observation and Documentation of Macrophytes and Macroinvertebrates”

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