Sanitation Work Tool

Sanitation Work Tool

Cleaning public places and septic tanks pose health and safety risk to employees. This student has created a model to support sanitation workers and improve working conditions. Check out the video to know more!

Adjustable Seating In Classrooms

Adjustable Seating In Classrooms

The classroom setup impacts the comfort level of students. Desks can strain the students backs and necks, as they are often incompatible with the student’s height. This discomfort causes students to shift their focus from their teacher and what is being taught in class.

Electromagnetic braking system

Electromagnetic Braking System – Mechanism And Benefits

Electromagnetic braking system is a preferred replacement for the traditional braking system. As it is frictionless, it requires less maintenance cost. Watch the video to learn about the mechanism and benefits of this high-tech braking system.

Sustainable Agriculture – Securing Present and Future

Current agricultural practices are harming the environment and soil fertility. This makes the land unsuitable for the next crop production. Watch the video to learn about sustainable agriculture that accommodates present as well as future generations’ food needs.


Using Corn Cobs to Produce Bioplastics: A Simple and Economical Method

When plastic wastes are dumped in landfills, they interact with water and form hazardous chemicals, and the quality of drinking water may also be affected. Hence, efforts are taken to reduce the use of synthetic plastics and to promote bioplastics. Biodegradable plastics are made from starch, cellulose, chitosan, and protein extracted from renewable biomass. This … Continue reading “Using Corn Cobs to Produce Bioplastics: A Simple and Economical Method”

One Plant Thousand Sapling

One Plant, Thousand Saplings

Have you heard about tissue-culture? It is a fast and effective technique to grow many plants from single plant tissue. Watch this video to know more about this technique that helps to grow plants throughout the year.

Drainage Sewage Water Arrangement

Sewage water let out in the sea causes water contamination and harms the ecosystem. Watch the video to know about a model to recycle drainage water and remove harmful pathogens for reuse. Just Learning is where you can find innovative science projects. If you have created an amazing invention and want to showcase it to … Continue reading “Drainage Sewage Water Arrangement”

Space Capsule Safety Measures – Saving Lives of Astronauts

Ever wondered how astronauts handle an emergency in space? In case of any unfavourable situations, astronauts jump into the capsule that helps them travel back to earth. Watch the video to know about the features and safety functions of a capsule. Also, learn details about different atmospheric layers. Exciting, isn’t it? Watch now!

Artificial Larynx: Cheap And Simple

Hearing loss can affect a person’s development of speech and language skills. When a person has difficulty hearing, the areas of the brain used for communication may not develop appropriately. Most speech and hearing aids are expensive. So this student has come up with a device that is for the common person.

Water Rocket: Carrier Of Encrypted Messages

The navy stands on guard to protect our country. The navy maintains, trains, and equips combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining the freedom of the seas. These students have come up with a way to help the navy send secret encrypted messages to each. Watch this video to know more!

Farm Production & Protection System

Agriculture not just an industry, it is the foundation of our civilization. Therefore, it is very important that our farms and farmers are protected from any losses. The correct approach to plant protection is of significant importance as it enables farmers to boost productivity and reduce the losses.

Magnetic Motor Car

This student has come up with an idea to prevent car tyre puncture. YouTube Description: Tyre punctures are bound to happen while driving. Most of the punctures occur when pointed objects like nails or glass penetrate the tyre causing air to escape. Watch the video to know how to make use of magnets to avoid … Continue reading “Magnetic Motor Car”

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