Automatic Wheel Chair: Suitable For People With Visual/Hearing Impairment

Traditional manual wheelchairs can make it difficult for people to independently move around. The person needs to exert a lot of effort to move ahead or behind. In fact, a person who is visually impaired doesn’t opt for a wheelchair. But this innovation challenges this constraint. Deep dive into the video to know more!

Night Lamp

Automatic Night Lamp And Smart City

We control light manually, but this mostly leads to wastage of power due to forgetfulness of humans. To overcome such issues, this student has made use of LDR as an alternative method. The LDR sensor senses the light just like our eyes. If it’s too bright, it will switch off the lights and when it … Continue reading “Automatic Night Lamp And Smart City”

Terrace Vegetation

Terrace Vegetation Using Advanced Technology

Reap the fruits of your own terrace farming. Yes, terrace farming is a growing trend,as the nutritional quality of the produce is higher and it is free from chemicals. Watch this video to know about rooftop farming so that you can produce fresh and organic vegetables right on your terrace. But there’s more! you will … Continue reading “Terrace Vegetation Using Advanced Technology”

Anti-theft Technology

A Solar Powered Anti-theft Technology

Two-wheelers are quick and easy transport systems. It helps cut the traffic and reduces travel time. Nowadays thefts are on the rise, so it is important to install security systems to protect two-wheelers from being stolen. This student has designed a system that will allow only an authorised rider to start the two-wheeler. The system … Continue reading “A Solar Powered Anti-theft Technology”

safety helmet

Secure Helmet – Science Model

Road safety is a serious topic that has to be dealt with awareness and responsibility. Road accidents lead to a high number of casualties each year. This student has created a helmet that provides a real-time display of the rear road. The helmet consists of sensors, a built-in rear view camera and is operated through … Continue reading “Secure Helmet – Science Model”

vacuum cleaner

Homemade Vacuum Cleaner – Science Model

Vacuum cleaners ease the task of cleaning. It ensures the place is spick and span along with saving time. But, it is an expensive device to purchase. This student has created a low-cost vacuum cleaner to help simplify cleaning. Through this video, you can learn the steps to create a vacuum cleaner using recycled plastic … Continue reading “Homemade Vacuum Cleaner – Science Model”

lift - A Fire Escape Strategy

Idol Lift – A Fire Escape Strategy – Science Model

Fire breakout can cause severe damages and casualties. Therefore, prevention strategy and assessment are very important. This student has created a project known as Idol Lift which helps people to get out of the fire safely.

Reflection Of Light

As a Combination, How Do Concave, and Convex Lens Refract the Light of Ray? Find out

Reflection of Light is the process of sending back the light rays, which falls on the surface of an object. The image formed due to the reflection of an object on a plane mirror is at different places. All the light rays after passing through the concave lens diverge. And when produced backward appear to … Continue reading “As a Combination, How Do Concave, and Convex Lens Refract the Light of Ray? Find out”

How to reuse sewage water website

Good news awaits! You can now reuse sewage water by using this creative model

A man can live without the food for at least three weeks, but he can’t live for even three days without water. Our body is made up of 60% water, so wasting water is not a good deed. Here’s a model which can be used to reuse the sewage water. In this model, there are … Continue reading “Good news awaits! You can now reuse sewage water by using this creative model”

Blind man
Inspirational Stories

Artificial Intelligence VS Humanity

Artificial intelligence has been of lot of help in our day to day life. One of which an invention done especially for the ones we cannot always give support to. Therefore, to encourage the power of the blind in our society to whom we always sideline as they come into the disabled category. Here is … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence VS Humanity”


We hear about solar energy usage everywhere, but there is a need to increase its use. It’s renewable energy and readily available too. We use solar energy but not at that large extent. What else we can do from solar energy. We can convert it into other forms of energy. This project will meet the … Continue reading “SOLAR ENERGY APPLICABILITY”

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