Vegetable Cutter

Vegetable Cutter – A Kitchen Aid

Safety First. Many people avoid chopping vegetables because of the fear of cutting their hand while using kitchen knives. Watch this video about a vegetable cutter that chops vegetables efficiently and avoids injuries.

Smoke Absorber

Smoke Absorber For Purifying Air Indoors

Equipment that creates harmful fumes for long periods of time will always run the risk of causing problems to your respiratory system. Thankfully there is an invention that can purify the air indoors to protect you and your family. Watch this video to know more!

Adjustable Seating In Classrooms

Adjustable Seating In Classrooms

The classroom setup impacts the comfort level of students. Desks can strain the students backs and necks, as they are often incompatible with the student’s height. This discomfort causes students to shift their focus from their teacher and what is being taught in class.

Learn About Holograms

Learn About Holograms | 3-D Images

Holograms are 3-D images that have been projected and captured on a 2-D surface. Holography is a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object and then presents it in a way that appears three-dimensional. Watch this video to understand the hologram model built by this student.

Army Shoes

Army Shoes – A Safety Device

The Indian Army guards and protects the citizens from enemy nations. It’s time to protect the brave soldiers too. This model will serve as a barrier between the army and dangerous dynamites. Let’s watch the video for more details.

Combination Of Electricity Generation through Speed Breakers And An Accident Buzzer

Energy from moving vehicles, Electric power sensor, Emergency contact connections and more. All these interesting topics covered in just one video. Watch it now and learn about these amazing features.

Chemical Free India

Chemical Free India

Natural resources are the best alternative to harmful chemicals used in various sectors like agriculture, medicine, etc. Watch this video to learn how basil can help get rid of thermocol without harming the environment. Also, get to know about the benefits of cow urine to purify the blood.

Wood Carrier To Lighten The Weight

A Wood Carrier To Lighten The Weight

Rural women daily perform several physically demanding tasks. Manually collecting wood for households poses a risk of wounds or injuries. This device can simplify and ease the wood collecting task. Watch this video, to know more about this innovation, designed by a young student.

Generation of Fuel from Waste Plastic

Generation of Fuel from Waste Plastic

Plastic is a non-degradable material that affects millions of animals and marine life every year. Watch the video about an economical solution to reduce the mounting quantity of plastic waste and prevent environmental damage.

Effects Of Lights From Various Wavelengths On Growth Of Plants

Effects Of Lights From Various Wavelengths On Growth Of Plants

Buying fruits and vegetables at markets is getting more expensive with each passing day. Besides, the plants for these grow under specific conditions where they are exposed to various pesticides and chemical fertilizers which if consumed by a human, can lead to deadly diseases. Hence, in this project, these students have come up with a … Continue reading “Effects Of Lights From Various Wavelengths On Growth Of Plants”

Eco-friendly Air Conditioner

Eco-friendly Air Conditioner

Air conditioners harm the environment by releasing greenhouse gases, which have elevated the global warming process. Watch the video to know about green air conditioning, a great alternative to prevent global warming.

Soilless Farming

Soilless Farming – A Futuristic Technique

Cultivating crops on arid lands or low rainfall areas is unsuitable. This student has come up with a method to overcome seasonal and agro-climatic problems faced during farming. This farming method requires less water and provides a high yield. Watch the video to know more.

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