Robotics & Type Of Robots

Robotics & Type Of Robots

Children are fascinated by robots. Do you know why? A battery-operated walking robot grabs the attention of children. The idea of an inanimate object imitating humans keeps children engaged. Children perceive robots to be cool, and owning robots earns them a cool tag. A similar behaviour pattern is seen in adults with fancy cars and gadgets.

What is Robotics?

Robotics is born from science, engineering and technology. An intelligent robot has mechanical and intellectual capabilities as a result of technological advancement. A robot can be programmed by a computer and is used to do tasks carried by humans. While certain robots perform independent functions, others need human supervision. Robots display similar functions like humans such as sight, sense of touch and hearing.

Types of Robots

  1. Industrial Robots
    Industrial robots are the most basic robots. While they are stationed in a place, their articulated arms can move to carry out repetitive functions such as painting, welding and assembly. These robots are cost-effective and function quickly and accurately. They are the least intelligent and are disrupted mainly by external factors. Industrial robots are seen at Amazon?s warehouse, and they even work along with humans.

  2. Consumer Robots
    The consumer robots are often overlooked and not considered as robots though they simplify everyday life. They are household helpers that can assist with chores. The unsupervised vacuum cleaner Roomba is a classic example. Recently Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in consumer robots and the Internet of Things (IoT) resulting in Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

  3. Educational Robots
    These robots can be used at home as well as in classrooms. They come with elaborate study plans and can customise plans as per the child?s ability. Educational robots play a crucial role in the kid?s learning journey. It can correct test papers and even diagnose any learning disability in children. They can devise games that help children to overcome challenges while making learning fun. Robot toys for kids are intelligent and acquaint children to the technological world.

  4. Medical Robots
    The medical robots are used during surgeries and are controlled by the surgeon. These robots are used to perform delicate operations. Exoskeletons and mind-controlled prosthetics are used to help paralysed patients to walk again and are used in physical rehabilitation of patients. With the help of medical robots, surgeons can perform remote surgeries.

  5. Aquatic Robots
    The aquatic robots can work as coast guards. They help to conserve the marine ecosystems that have been hampered by off-shore drilling and global warming. One such robot is inspired and modelled around eels known as ACM-R5H snake bot.

  6. Security Robots
    The security robots can be used 24/7 in any weather conditions. They can monitor community areas, industrial areas and residential areas. These robots can provide CCTV surveillance with face recognition and supply timely information.

  7. Military Robots
    These robots are used in situations which can be dangerous to human life. They can endure harsh climates and terrains. The military uses these robots for bomb disposal, underwater search and rescue operations.

  8. Service Robots
    Service robots are used to carry out concierge and customer service tasks. They are well suited for malls, commercial building, events and service sectors. They can issue tickets, give directions and provide solutions. Professional service robots are called humanoids. They mimic humans while interacting and can read facial expressions.

  9. Aerospace Robots
    These robots have the capacity to fly and explore territories, even space. Remote-controlled drones and spacecraft are commonly used as aerospace robots. They are popularly used for drilling and painting airframes and used extensively used in aerospace engineering for their reliability, capability and precision.

  10. A Robot can cook meals
    Moley Robotics, a London-based company, has created the world?s first robotic kitchen equipped with advanced technology in cooking. This robot can cook meals from scratch. This robot can retrieve ingredients from the smart fridge and even clean up later. The demand for robot cooks has gone up during COVID-19 times to keep up with the need for fresh and customised meal options 24 hours a day while reducing labour costs. The concerns around safety are silenced with the invention of a robot that cooks.

    Robots have not been successful in the past. However, this ?2.46 crore robot has fully articulated arms that have been developed in collaboration with Schunk, the world-leading German robotic company.

    The robot is programmed with the assistance of BBC MasterChef?s 2011 winner Tim Anderson. His cooking techniques were captured in 3D and transformed into algorithms for the robot. This robot is prepped with 30 cooking recipes to display its cooking potential, and every month new recipes are fed into the program.


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