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Charge your car faster than your phone!

charge your car faster than your phone

From charging the battery cells to charging the mobile phone and now charging cars, we’ve come a long way. Who would have foreseen these leaps and advnces in technology a few years back? It won’t be long when visiting the outer space would be ordinary entertainment; but for now, let’s come back to earth.

Electric powered cars

So why are we talking about technology and advancement and outer space? We’ve got two words for you ‘Electric Cars.’ Hero Electric, Tata Motors, Ather Energy, Mahindra Electric, Lohia Auto, Twenty Two Motors, BYD Olectra, Hyundai Kona Electric, Ashok Leyland and MG Motor are the Electrical Vehicle manufacturers in India. Yes, electric cars have been around for a while, but now a new technology can charge these cars in 6 minutes. Can you even charge your phone within that time? Before this technology was introduced, it took 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge an electric car and now it merely takes a couple of minutes to power up to 90 percent of the car and 54 percent could be discharged in 18 seconds.

The POSHTECH research team in South Korea has come up with a mechanism to power these electric vehicles. These cars consist of internal combustion engines and are solely powered by lithium-ion batteries. The car’s performance depends on the performance of the battery. Professor Byoungwoo Kang and Dr Minkyung Kim of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at POSTECH and Professor Won-Sub Yoon in the Department of Energy Science at Sungkyunkwan University are part of the research team. Their research concluded that while charging and discharging Li-ion battery electrode materials, high power can be produced by significantly reducing the charging and discharging time without reducing the particle size. The research also confirmed that if an intermediate phase was formed in the transition process, high power can be generated without losing high density through rapid charging and discharging, which would lead to long-lasting Li-ion batteries. Phase transition is a process in which lithium is inserted and dislodged during charging and discharging. 

Global impact on electric cars

 Now that your electric vehicles can be powered in minutes, it will have a direct impact on the sale of these cars. While many believe that there is much scope for the development of electric cars, the future of these cars looks good. With better battery performance and car performance, more and more people are attracted to these cars. In reality, the actual price of these cars is lowered with more competitors in the market. The charging of the battery is economical and is over-estimated by the people.

Electric vehicles are a consumer revolution with a difference. The distance travelled with one charge is also misunderstood. It seems like that lack of information about electric cars is why the buyers are shy. The prevailing doubts of potential buyers need to be addressed, and only then will buyers be open to investing in electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles produce fewer emissions that contribute to climate change and smog than conventional vehicles. They are gentler on the environment and our lungs. Imagine breathing in the air during peak hours, it’s not an ideal scenario, but now with fewer emissions, that seems possible. Electric vehicles are even cheaper to maintain as compared to fuelled cars. Many companies even use recycled materials to build these cars.

Did You Know?

Tesla Model 3 made a Guinness World Record as the fastest charging electric vehicle when this model was charged in 31 minutes and 32 seconds.