Here Are 7 Tips To Celebrate Diwali With Your Children!

Hi parents!

Diwali is a fun festival to celebrate time with family and friends. Amidst the current pandemic, it may feel like a predicament to keep children entertained. Don?t worry! We?ve got this covered for you.

Diwali is a much-awaited festival around the world that has its roots in India. It is fondly known as Deepawali, a celebration of lights and is usually celebrated in October or November. It is a five-day religious festival that fills the air with joy and good vibes.

Here are some fun tips you can try at home. Do give these tips a try and let us know your experience.

Unfold The Untold Story Of Diwali

What is the legend behind India?s biggest festival? Diwali goes back to more than 2,500 years ago. While many of these stories are about good over evil, there is more to these mythical tales. You can arrange for a projector or make a DIY projector at home, and project a movie based on the mythology of Diwali.

Read About Diwali And Write an Essay or Story

This is an excellent activity for children who are bibliophiles, i.e. people who love to read books. Select a book and present it to your child as a Diwali gift. Ask the child to read the book and write a story or an essay inspired by it. This book can even be edited and published as an e-book. Imagine gifting your child a book with her/his name mentioned under the author of the book. This activity will help children to think for themselves and use their imagination as well.

Make Diyas And Paint Them

Pottery is an exciting skill to learn. There are plenty of tutorials online that will teach you to mould diyas. Connect with the other parents from school or playgroup and arrange for a virtual diya making tutorial. You can take this one step further and organise a diya painting competition. Arrange for some bright colours, brushes, stick-on beads and gems. Since most children like to build, paint and embellish, they will thoroughly enjoy this activity.

Get Crafty With Origami Diwali Lanterns

Homemade lanterns are simple and easy to make. All you need are some coloured sheets of paper, or you can add some textured paper for that festive look, some tape, a stapler and some fairy lights. You can show the children the basics of making a lantern and then ask them to get creative with it. They can make one giant lantern and write messages on it or make little lanterns and hang them around the fairy lights. The string of lanterns is such a treat to the eyes.

Cook-Up Some Delicious Diwali Dishes

There?s nothing that tops the love for food. Pass the traditional family recipes to the children. Show them how to roll, mix, stuff, stir and all that is there to it. Use child-friendly tools so that they can efficiently work without much supervision. Gather the family members around the table and whip up some delicious laddoos, kheer, barfi, suji halwa, gulab jamun, chakli, karanji, shankarpali, bhakarwadi, chivda, and many more recipes.

Bye-Bye Crackers, Hello Compassion!

Tending to the environment is a good lesson for children. The quality of the air drops during Diwali because of the crackers. This period is difficult for elderly citizens, people suffering from asthma, animals and birds. It is a challenge for people with asthma and older adults to breathe in the polluted air. Even pets, stray animals and birds are afraid of the loud noise of the crackers. By sensitising children to the needs of others, they learn to be compassionate. Instead, engage them in activities where they can dance or enact plays.

Create A Rangoli With A Message

Diwali seems incomplete without a rangoli outside the house. Encourage the children to use colours, leftover paper, flower petals and other materials found at home to create a rangoli with a message. This will help the children to take a stand for something they believe in. If your children love pets and support the adoption of strays, then ask them to make rangolis which persuade the passer-by to adopt pets. If they are sensitive about the environment, ask them to make rangolis that encourage people to plant more trees and to stop littering. In school, they would have learnt impressive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Technology) concepts that they can incorporate in their rangoli. This will help them to showcase their understanding and share knowledge.

There are many more ways through which you can keep your children engaged during this pandemic. We would love to hear your ideas. Write to us, take videos, upload it and tag us #JustLearning and send pictures or videos while you engaged in any of the fun activities mentioned above and we?ll share your photos and videos. If you have a poem, essay, or story, share it on social media platforms and tag us. Diwali is all about happiness, prosperity, spending it with your loves ones and capturing precious moments like these.

Wish you a Happy Deepawali!


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