Mickey Mouse turns 92 today!

Who doesn?t know of Mickey Mouse, right? But how many of us actually know his character came to life on 18 November, 1928?

Mickey?s been a favourite not only of children all across the world but also of their parents AND their grandparents! Mickey has starred in over 130 films, including long and short feature films, cartoon films, as well as comic strips. Mickey is also the first fictional character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Created and voiced by Walter Elias Disney himself, Mickey he has been the mascot of Disney, since his debut. The humble and goofy mouse has grown from strength to strength over the years and continues to star in video games, merchandise and in Disney parks, years after his movies and comic strip were discontinued. Mickey Rules!!

Fun facts about Mickey Mouse

  1. Mickeys? character was inspired by a tame mouse at Walt Disney?s desk and also by the work of Charlie Chaplin.
  2. Mickey?s arch rival was Bugs Bunny (warner brothers)
  3. Mickey received his first Academy Award in 1932 for his movie Mickey?s Orphans
  4. Mickey?s appearance on Indian television was in the 1990s on Doordarshan.
  5. In 1993, Mickey Mouse Toontown opened at Disneyland.

 ?It was all started by a mouse!?  - Walt Disney

Fun ideas to celebrate Mickey Mouse?s Birthday 2020

  1. Mickey Mouse Breakfast

Start your day with Mickey. You will need adult supervision for this activity. Cut two slices of bread in the shape of Mickey and make a Mickey sandwich. Use salad or jam or chocolate sauce to decorate your delicious Mickey sandwich. Don?t forget to take pictures of your work of art and share it on social media platforms.

  • Draw A Life-Size Mickey Mouse

Take stick papers together and draw a Mickey as tall as you. Use colours and get creative with him. Choose which colours you would like to use and what clothes he should wear. You can get Mickey to dress just like you or drape him in the latest style. The idea is to create a modern version of Mickey Mouse.

  • Be A Story Writer

Write a fun story starring Mickey. You can write about how Mickey travels the world or about an invisible Mickey or even Mickey with superpowers. Doesn?t this sound amazing? We can?t wait to read your version of Mickey.

  • Play Mickey Mouse Cartoons

No one will want to miss a fulfilled day with Mickey. Make a DIY projector and project Mickey Mouse cartoons on using it. Pick your favourite Mickey Episode and share it on Facebook using hashtags #HappyBirthdayMickey #JustLearning

  • Make Mickey Ears

You?ll need 2 circles cut from black card paper or colour the paper black. Each cut-out circle should be 3 inches in diameter. These will be Mickey?s ears. Next, take a hairband and stick those circles to it using tape or glue. Let these dry for about 30 minutes seek adult supervision while engaging in this activity. Once dried, wear Mickey?s ears and show you, family and friends, your new craft.

  • Enact A Mickey Cartoon

This will be loads of fun. Pick your favourite Mickey cartoon and enact a scene from it. Don?t forget to invite your friends to this virtual play. Just as you have friends, Mickey has friends too. Each one can play the part of Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. Wear costumes made from recycled objects or material found at home. Dress up as per the character and let the play begin. It?s showtime!

  • Eat Some Cake

Mickey loves throwing a party. How about you throw a virtual party to celebrate Mickey?s birthday?

Don?t forget to make a tower of Mickey-shaped pancakes. Pour some chocolate syrup over your pancakes and enjoy your feast.


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