5 Things Kids Wish Their Parents Understood

5 Things Kids Wish Their Parents Understood

These 5 things are what Children wish their parents knew

Kids today are exposed to the world through multiple mediums like the mobile phone, television, computers etc. as early as 5 years of age. It comes as no surprise that kids are more evolved today and can grab information with a single click and tap. However, the use of social media and an extensive use of WhatsApp to communicate with the world has reduced communication at home between parents and kids.

Social media has created an alternate universe where everything seems perfect and this has increased pressure on kids and their parents altogether. Parents don’t always understand the societal and peer pressure their child is undergoing in all aspects of his/her life, so what exactly do kids want most from their parents?

  1. They don’t want to be a lawyer, doctor or engineer

    As much as parents believe their child can choose either of those 3 professions, they fail to understand that their child is unique with different capabilities. Straightjacketing a child into a career he/she dislikes will only reduce their child’s interest in life instead of matching his/her talents and skills with a career that he/she enjoys.
  2. They are individuals first

    Parents believe their children are extensions of themselves and as a result expect their children to follow what they consider is right. What they fail to understand is that every child is an individual with thoughts of his own and has all the rights to follow his/her path. When parents try to reinforce their thoughts and beliefs on their children, they lose their sense of individualism as adults later in life.
  3. Studies are important but so is play

    Newton got his first idea of gravity when he sat under a tree and not by giving a dozen exams. Parents should encourage fun and experiments in a way that makes their child curious about the world and the how it works along with studying. Children that are street smart with a well-rounded performance across extra-curriculars are more successful in life compared to the ones who are only book smart. When children explore their talents and skills on the playground, stage or their own personal labs, they discover themselves and flourish in the real world.
  4. Scolding and punishments only worsen confidence

    Parents should instead sit and talk out the issues they have with their kids until they reach a common ground of agreement. When parents have an open discussion with their children, both sides of the situation are communicated. This mutual understanding will strengthen the parent-child bond further. Shouting and punishments will weaken a child’s confidence and only increases the communication gap further.
  5. Comparison Is pressurizing and unnecessary

    Children today are already subjected to ‘social media pressures’ where they experience grief about their lives by looking at the lives of others on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. When children are compared to their siblings, peers or classmates, they stop focusing on their ideas, goals and vision but instead try to compete with the other only to please their parents.