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Students learn better by seeing other students performing or demonstrating. Our Peers are these brilliant minds demonstrating their models and projects through video recordings explaining concepts to their friends. Students post their own content on our community platform showcasing their skills of research & analysis. Learning gets easier for kids when they learn together, we provide a platform for them to share part of their knowledge to other students.

Steers are the ones who give our life a turn. Our Steers are the hardworking and dedicated teachers steering students’ lives by giving out their opinions and lending their wisdom to students through our platform. Teachers research on rich educational topics & post their content on our platform which then benefits all the users or students. Educating students through innovative techniques to ignite a sense of learning and curiosity towards studies is the main motto of the Steers.

A mentor is one who is seasoned by the experiences of the job or the field. Our Mentors are industry specialists who share their knowledge and experiences of work to the students giving them a wider perspective of the world. Industry-specific research & personally curated content by the mentors can aid the students to excel in their fields of interest. Mentors are career gurus which light up the way of different streams for the aspiring students.

Our Editors are the ones who research on various topics and post educational content related to those on our platform. These articles and posts would help students to learn concepts efficiently in an interesting manner. Analyzing the trend in the educational field, topics of higher interests are identified and researched upon by the editors’ team to keep students updated with all the advancements. Reader-specific & research-based content is the forte of our editors.