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A Career In Anthropology: Study The Origin Of Mankind And Our Evolution! Find Out!

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Anthropology is a branch of science that studies the origin of mankind, and the physical, social, behavior and cultural development and of humans. It consists of the study of the origin of the study of human beings as well as their social and cultural structures.

Anthropology also studies the evolution of humans at different ages and the diversity found in cultures of human beings found in the same time but at different places on the globe.

It is the comparative study of human similarities and differences including their biological, physical and cultural history. The scientist who works in anthropology is called as Anthropologists. Unfortunately, anthropology is still one of the less popular and less known subjects for study. But there is still so much to study on the potential of mankind.

A Career In This Field:

There are three main career options in the field of anthropology namely

  • Research and Teaching: For researchers, the jobs are available in organizations like the Archaeological Survey of India. For socio-cultural anthropologists who are experts in understanding relations between industry and society, a lot of job openings are available. Cultural anthropologists are particularly well suited for work involving people, such as teaching, law, medicine, social work, and journalism.
  • Societal Development: Many organizations like the ICMR, WHO and the Police Department also offer employment to anthropologists for the purpose of crime detection. Students may opt for anthropological research to provide better service and to solve social issues and problems.
  • Working in a museum: Museums are another potent source of employment.

For all these, students require a Bachelor?s degree or Ph.D. in anthropology.

Institutes In India That Are Famous For Anthropology:

Sikkim University, Gangtok

Biddhannagar College, Kolkata

Mrinalini Singur College


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