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A Career in TV Anchoring: In the Heart of the Media Bling!

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Being a TV reporter or news anchor is an exciting and challenging profession. However, if you're in it for just the glamour and the glory, then you may have to rethink about your choice. Being a TV reporter or news anchor not only requires hard work, rigid deadlines, and the ability to talk, but you may also find yourself spending six hours in 20-degree weather waiting for a hostage situation to break! If you have the guts, stamina and dedication to be a TV reporter or news anchor, then this profession is surely meant for you.


How do you get the facts for your news story?

There are three main ways to gather information for a news story:

Observation- Listening and watching where news is taking place.

Interviews- Talking with people who know something unique about the story you are reporting.

Documents- Reports, public records, reading, and other printed material.

While asking questions, you will have to write down the answers to the "Five Ws and an H" about that source:


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