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A day in the life of Ear Nose and Throat Specialist - Dr. Alefiyah Bohra

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A day in the life of Ear Nose and Throat  Specialist - Dr. Alefiyah Bohra


I topped my MBBS as a gold medalist and went on to achieve a DORL - Diploma in OtoRhinolaryngology (with specific focus on study of head and neck cancer). I practice at Jain Diagnostic Center at Mazgaon, Mumbai.

Why did you choose this profession and what is the scope of growth? 

I come from a family of doctors and growing up, I was deeply inspired by their dedication to serve society and the incomparable reward of satisfaction that comes from helping people heal and conquer their illnesses. I wish to further explore the fields of head and neck oncology and cochlear implants. 

What is a normal work day like? 

In my field, each day is unpredictable. Starting around 7am, it varies from full-clinic days to surgical sessions or a combination of both, followed by hospital rounds starting in the ICU. Daily consultation in the outpatient department keeps me occupied for most of the day. Each patient visit lasts anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes and may include minor surgeries. I am also available to patients with tumours in the head and neck. Certain days include academic sessions. 

What qualities are required to take up this specilisation? 

A deep compassion for humanity and the patience to listen attentively, I feel are pre-requisites for the job. It also helps to have an unbiased critical thinking ability, be precision and detail oriented and to make yourselves available for advice through the day without getting tired. The willingness to constantly learn and upskill every few months to stay on top of the developments in the field is a must. 

How does a surgeon maintain a work-life balance? 

A healthy doctor helps a patient stay healthy. Given demanding schedules, attention to daily self care is paramount as is the need to unwind and recharge regularly. Complementing in-office hours with telemedicine appointments can be helpful.


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