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Archaeology: If You Love History As A Subject, This Could Be The Right Career! Find Out How!

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Archaeology is the study of artifacts, architecture, biofacts or eco-facts, and cultural landscapes are the main elements in archaeology records. Human activity can be explored through the recovery and analysis of this material culture. Archaeology can be considered both social science and an extended branch of the humanities.

The scientist who works in archaeology is called as an archaeologist. They study pre-history and history of human beings, from the development of the first stone tools at Lomekwi in East Africa 3.3 million years ago up until recent decades. It is different from paleontology since it doesn?t contain the study of fossils.

Archaeology relies on cross-disciplinary research. The discipline involves survey, excavation, and analysis of data collected to learn more about history.

There Are Four Types Of Archaeology Namely:

  • Pre-historic archaeology
  • Historical archaeology
  • Underwater archaeology
  • Urban archaeology

Archaeologists study people from a long time ago through the things they left behind such as their homes, tools, bones, dishes, etc.

A Career In This Field:

There are various jobs in this field which require a degree in archaeology like:

  • Archaeologist
  • Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Heritage manager
  • Lecturer
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Museum education officer

An archaeologist has to preserve, restore, and clean artifacts. Collect data about the archaeological site. Collect artifacts that are made of stone, metal, bones and preserve them. Create drawings and maps of unit profiles, stratum, feature, and findings.

Best Archeological Projects in India

  • Fort of Jaisalmer
  • Fort of Kumbhalgarh
  • Konark Temple
  • Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
  • Nalanda University, Bihar
  • Hampi
  • Meenakshi Temple, Tamil Nadu

Institutes to study Archeology

  • University of Calcutta: Department of Archaeology, Kolkata
  • University of Kerala: Faculty of Social Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram
  • University of Kerala: Oriental Research Institute and Manuscript Library, Thiruvananthapuram
  • National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi


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