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Become A Cartoonist: Your Drawing Skills Can Also Be Your Profession?Find Out How!

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Who Is A Cartoonist?

A cartoonist is an individual that creates art through larger-than-life and vibrant characters through bold and blunt drawings. They are commonly used as a means to publish comedy but also a great tool used globally for the purposes of political and social satire. Cartoonists all over the world have proven to some degree controversial and absolutely revolutionary. They can either work on a freelance basis or on a contract-for-service basis wherein they are essentially hired for a specific period of time by a publishing organization for a certain character, creation or storyline of theirs and is asked for a specific number of pages worth of cartoons in that time. Some otherwise work in large-scale publishing media wherein they mass produce basic cartoon images for stock use. They are additionally hired as illustrators for publishing firms as well. It is needless to say that one does not require a college degree in order to succeed as a cartoonist, but it is important to remember that is a very competitive world that functions on relevancy based on variable viewership, implying a significant lack of job security without a specific contract for the service provided. It is also difficult to overcome the subjective appeal of different kinds of art, hence leading to rejection is a part of a cartoonist?s life. However, one may hone their craft at a higher education level through Degrees on fine arts and painting along with taking other courses in order to better and develop their techniques. Because this is a creative job, it comes with the creation of a portfolio, which is essentially a compilation of all the best work that the student has done over the years in the field and wishes to showcase. Such portfolios must be put together with great care and must ensure that the student?s skill set and versatility are represented appropriately through it.

A cartoonist must remember to be persistent and be prepared for any opportunity that may come to them and should never stop pursuing their dreams because of a few rejections. It is important to consistently approach agencies and publishing firms with your work otherwise the hopes of the world seeing it will not exist.

Institutes Where Courses Are Offered For Becoming A Cartoonist:

Indian Institute Of Cartoonists, Bengaluru

Mumbai Institute of Fine Arts and Design, Chennai


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