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Become A Hotel Manager: What is It to be a Hotel Manager? Let Us Find Out!

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Become A Hotel Manager

Who Is A Hotel Manager?

Hotel management, as the name would suggest is the profession that involves the management of hotels. The role of a general manager is to ensure that the customer?s visit best meets expectations they avail the Hotel?s services. For hotel chains, repeat business is essential to their success and growth and hence, top quality of staff is essential in order to ensure that the Hotel can provide the best possible service as within their capacity. This allows them to ensure a brand association within the mindset of the people, ensuring regular customers that will recognize the brand even globally. Hence, Hotel Management is an instrumental position to the success of a Hotel Establishment. It is important to note that the term ?Hotel? in Hotel Management is an all-encompassing term for any lodging services.

Any profession that involves the functioning of a hotel falls within the ambit of hotel management. From handling Reservations and reception desk management, to housekeeping and janitorial services. Catering and food services along with all functioning involving management, administration, security and even marketing also fall within the ambit of a Hotel Manager. In the past, Hospitality management was not considered to be as streamlined a field as it is today. While receiving a liberal Arts degree and gaining significant experience in the hospitality field or an associate?s degree in the same may be sufficient, it is best advised to pursue a Bachelor?s degree or even a Master?s Degree in Hotel or Hospitality Management, a course that is, at present, readily available in any prestigious universities in several parts of the world, including India. Since it is an extremely hands-on job, it is important to gain practical experience while still in college through internships under prestigious establishments and work-study programs that may even lead to future employments. This profession requires a good understanding of Marketing and Sales to a great degree as well and hence must be explored by the student as well.

Hotel Managers, more than their credentials, impress with their personality and overall likeability. One must display the ability to work with different kinds of people, the ability to stay calm in high pressure situations and a strong detailed-oriented approach to the work and an overall appealing presence. Managers represent the hotel chain and hence must, at all times, place their best foot forward.

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