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Become A Model: Welcome To The World Of Fashion

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As a child if posing in front of the mirror and decking up in different clothing excited you, then maybe you would want to consider a career in modelling.

Modeling can be a good career if just like everything else, you stick with it, work hard, and aren?t afraid to make some changes if necessary. But for the majority of models in the world, modeling will be more like a hobby or part-time job.

How to become a model?

The best place to start becoming a model of any kind is to find a reputable agent. Don?t look for agents in the phone book or yellow pages, but rather get recommendations from other models or have a look at the agency names in magazines that have been responsible for the cover shoots and fashion pages. This will ensure that you are getting one of the best agents around who has a lot of clients and will also offer you the best representation.


Once you know which category you will best fit in, it?s important to get the qualifications you need to stand out. If you?re new to the industry and want to be prepared, you can opt to go to modelling school where they teach you some basic skills such as how to pose for the camera, how to find your angle and how to build your portfolio. It?s not a necessary step since these are things you can learn on your own, but they can help you get your foot in the door and give you the confidence you need.

Job description

Job descriptions usually vary due to the difference in categories. In essence, however, here are some of the most commonly shared duties of models across the board:

  • showcase a designer?s work on the runway or catwalk
  • pose for designers, editors and creative directors for magazines or commercial shoots
  • promote beauty, fashion and other products in photo shoots, commercials and other types of media
  • work with photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and the entire editorial team for a shoot or campaign
  • meet with designers and potential clients to audition for a campaign or shoot (this is what the industry commonly refers to as go-sees)
  • attend fittings for a shoot or campaign
  • maintain a strong portfolio that best represents your body of work.

Essential skills

Despite the different categories, models share certain qualities that help them withstand the extreme pressure set by the industry. For example, while runway and plus-size models have different body sizes, both are required to maintain their weight in a healthy manner ? which means both have to be highly disciplined in their diets and gym routines.

Time management skills: Models? schedules can usually get overwhelming, especially during fashion week. It?s imperative that they?re able to manage their time well so that they don?t miss any appointments with clients.

Communication skills: In order to book a campaign or a photo shoot, a model must be able to communicate effectively with the people involved. No matter how impressive your portfolio is, if the client isn?t impressed by your personality or lack of chemistry, they won?t book you.

Formidability: Models work in a highly competitive environment where minute flaws are magnified on a daily basis. Hence, it?s essential that they develop a thick skin to overcome rejection and harsh criticism.

Discipline: Models are always under immense pressure to look good and perform great. To keep up with the demands of their day, they have to be extremely disciplined with their strict diet and intense gym regimen.

Patience: Booking a campaign can take a few days or a few weeks. Models need a lot of patience to get through numerous go-sees that might not end well. And if they do happen to book a shoot, these can take hours and hours of waiting as well.

Creativity and collaboration: Models are expected to take and execute directions from directors and photographers flawlessly. From time to time, models will also be asked for their creative input, and this determines whether or not they will be booked again.

How to go a long way in the field of modelling

There?s no denying that the world of modelling has changed, Where before models had an expiry date, now getting wrinkles and gaining a few extra pounds are no longer death sentences.

To have a lasting career in fashion, it?s not enough to just look pretty; you have to build on your knowledge of the industry, too. Constantly update your portfolio and other social media platforms. Network with different photographers, collaborate with designers and get to know other models ? that way, not only will have you a more diverse portfolio but you?ll also have a more fulfilling career.

Starting your modeling career, you will find that preparing yourself is the best thing you can do in order to achieve the goals you set out to. It is like anything in life and in any career. If you were to apply for a position in an art gallery, you would have to have knowledge and a love for art, and if you were to apply for a hair dressing position, you would not go to your interview with bad hair. Looking the part is very important, but also having the right attitude will go a long way to ensure you get noticed by the right people.


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