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Become A Sketch Artist: The One Who Is Born With Conviction?Find Out To Know More!

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Become A Sketch Artist

What is sketching?

A type of drawing which is done completely freehand. It is an art to create a representation of designs and final drawings. An artist who makes sketch is known as sketching artist. They often create their own variation of art. Sketching is all about drawing and shading. The whole art is depending upon these aspects. The choice of pencils, graphite and pastels makes the art perfect. Sketches are mostly created by pencil and graphite sticks which vary degrees of hardness. Harder graphite gives lighter lines and marks, which don?t smudge easily. Softer graphite gives darker lines and marks, which are easy to smudge.

Who are they?

A sketch artist is a professional that creates sketches and drawings for various purposes. Some artists might create artistic portraits and other pictures for other people?s viewing pleasure. Sometimes a sketch artist draw pictures modeled after live subjects and scenes. Drawings can also be created in other ways such as by studying photographs or drawing a scene or person from memory. In other genre some artists also work for crime branch and other law enforcement agencies to sketch of crime suspects from eyewitness descriptions. The one who works with crime branch are known as forensic artist. Forensic artist has the work of going through the descriptions of eye witness and make not accurate but realist sketch to identify the suspect. It all depends upon the memory of the eyewitness.


A sketch art career does not necessarily need any formal education to be called as sketch artist. One can be depend upon his talent and interest for the field. If than too one really urges to get a degree than he can apply in an art institution for the proper formal education in the field. The associate degree and bachelor?s degree takes two to four years to complete. An actual artist need not need any degree to proof he is an artist but should have skills to draw very well. On can draw a subject or an imaginative art flexibly and should have understanding of usage of pencil, graphite, pastels etc.

The Universities

Individuals interested in sketch art careers should consider getting degrees in fine arts, drawing, or illustration. Some of the top colleges and institutes which provide admission to (B.A.) ie. Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting are as follows:

Banasthali University College, Rajasthan.

Jai Hind College, Mumbai.

University of Delhi, Delhi.

Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi.

University of Mumbai, Mumbai


All artist fall under the broad category of fine arts according to the statistics of the bureau of labor and their income annually is nearly around Rs 31,95,400?. May be some freelancer artist would earn more or less according to their talent and working hours. Much artists work as a freelancer and some also exhibit their art in organizing their own exhibitions. This profession is all depend upon how creative nature an artist has and how he or she applies it on their canvas.


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