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Become A Yoga Instructor: Make Your Everyday Ritual, A Profession!

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Yoga Instructor

We are today living in a world where people have become more health conscious than they ever were. We can also owe this sudden change due to the nature of jobs and increasing lifestyle diseases. The people are today more at risk as work involves sitting in front of computer screens more than what it used to in the past. Yoga is an option which not only gets you the required work out but also relaxes you.

Yoga is one the most natural ways of keeping the human body fit and in shape. It is something that has also spread its wings to most western countries as well. This natural system which began as back as three thousand years ago has been maximising on its benefits and making a difference for most people and enduring them with health and happiness.

Who Is A Yoga Instructor?

Yoga instructors are fitness professionals who teach yoga, the low-impact exercise that uses controlled postures and breathing techniques to improve flexibility and strength. To become a yoga instructor, in any style, comprehensive and specialized training is required. All yoga instructors must complete a training program in yoga and, within the field, have the option of specializing in a particular discipline

Eligibility for a Degree in Yoga Science:

In order to join B.A/B.S.C in Yoga therapy the minimum requirement is that of 10+2 with 50 per cent CGPA.

In order to pursue M.A/M.S.C in Yoga Therapy the minimum requirement is that of B.A/ B.S.C in yoga therapy

Completing a specialized training or certificate program is required to teach yoga. Teacher-training programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to over two years, depending on the style of yoga and the rigor of the coursework. They are all physically demanding and require some personal yoga experience. For example, the Iyengar style requires certification after training and one year's experience. Prospective yoga teachers select training programs offering the style they would like to teach.

Qualities Of A Good Yoga Teacher:

  • As a guide through their students? practice, a great teacher acknowledges and values their role in building relationships with students and with the yoga community. Great teachers not only connect with students during class; they also connect students to each other and to something deep within themselves.
  • Great teachers encourage their students to express themselves. They know that their yoga class is not a game of Simon Says and want students to find what works for them.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, great teachers not only leave you feeling inspired after your class, but they also empower students to live their practice off the mat.

Institutes/ Colleges offering Yoga Sciences:

  • Government Naturopathic Medical College, Hyderabad
  • SDM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Ujire, Karanataka
  • JSS Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Mysore Road, Ootacamund
  • Shivaraj Naturapathy and Yoga Medical College, Salem
  • Government Naturopathy and Yoga Medical College and Hospital, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Based on the Yoga training you have received, you can opt for the field of research, training or works as a Yoga therapist. You can find work in resorts, gyms, schools, health centres, housing societies and large organizations. Television channels also hire Yoga trainers, and renowned personalities prefer to hire personal Yoga instructors. Self-employment is an option many opt for as well. A great stress buster, Yoga is gaining ground among the ever-increasing number of foreign tourists who seek peaceful holidays, adding to the demand for Yoga specialists. There is no dearth of scope for the people in this noble profession.


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