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Biofuel Processing Technician

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Lets Understand: What does a Biofuel Technician Do?

Technical work is often considered to be an extremely streamlined function imparted to a person who is well-versed in the technical knowledge required and is used to maintain the equipment, raw material and product produced.

A biofuel processing Technician is essentially responsible for the production and processing of biofuel along with the maintenance of equipment and other security measures. That is, the technician calculates, measures, loads and mixes and processes refined feedstock with additives in fermentation or reaction process vessels and monitor production process while also performing, and keeping records of plant maintenance, repairs, and safety inspections. They are also in charge of the operation of chemical processing equipment for the production of biofuels along with the valves, pumps, engines, or generators to control and adjust biofuels production. They operate equipment, assess the quality of biofuels additives for reprocessing, and calibrate liquid flow devices. They are also expected to supervise feedstock levels and biofuels products or secondary by-products until reused or transferred to users in storage. In addition to this, they coordinate raw product sourcing or collection and also take up the cleaning of processing work area, ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Without the processing technician present, it is impossible for the processing plant to function as he essentially plays puppet master to all the different processes that are taking place during the procedure.

Annual wage for a Biofuel Processing Technician is Rs.40, 000 to Rs.60,000 but this can vary depending on the skill, knowledge and experience of the technician in question. Unlike the traditional profession, a biofuel processing technician does not have a uniform qualification as every technician will have, only a specific function that would require a different kind of expertise from another. Typically a degree in public safety and security, production, processing, chemistry, or a related field is what is predominantly looked for. There are several positions under the technician role that can be taken up like the Ethanol operator, Mash preparatory operator. The former oversees and operates the fuel-producing equipment at a biofuel plant or facility and ensures that quality of the ethanol produced meets the designated standards or requirements while the latter prepares the biofuel feedstock by adding the right raw materials. In doing so, the operator is required to calculate and measure feedstock amounts, mix the feedstock and then process it through the right vessels and equipment.



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