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Career As A Dubbing Artist: Human Voice Is The Most Powerful Instrument!

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Career As A Dubbing Artist

Have you ever noticed the importance of Audio in our lives. How long can you see a Mute TV going on? Audio plays the most important part in our lives and in entertainment and learning. Audio itself is of prime importance even Video is incomplete without it.

Dubbing is a process to replace the dialog of any movie / TV serial from one language to another like Tamil, Telugu to Hindi and vice versa. The dubbing/voice over artist is the person who lends his / her voice for any character. Movies are not only the work area for dubbing artists, they can also get the job in TV/radio commercials, corporate narrations, animation movies or cartoons, E-learning companies etc.

Skills required for a Dubbing Artist:

The most precious skill of any dubbing artist is his/her voice. Other than this, a dubbing artist must have:

  • Good command over language he/she wants to work with
  • Clear pronunciations and voice clarity
  • Ability to effectively modulate their voice according to the character's performance.
  • Excellent dialogue delivery, lip sync, timing, emotion in their voice, tone and pauses to synchronize with the gestures and body language of the character in the original soundtrack or visuals.

Observing different people's style of talking, their mannerisms and habits will help you to perform better.

How to become one?

It's not something like you got a degree and then start applying for a dubbing artist job. You need to work hard to establish yourself a dubbing artist.

  • First of all you have to work on pronunciations and voice clarity. Start recording your voice sample and hear it and if you are not happy repeat this process until you satisfied. You can also take help of your friend, family member to get their opinion on your recording.
  • Create some good voice recording samples and upload them on the different voice bank available on the internet.
  • You can start your own website, blog or YouTube channel to show your talent.
  • Make a strong network and connect with like-minded people and submit your CV and voice samples in recording studios. You will be contacted if they required new voice for their work.
  • Take help of agents also to find job.

Working of dubbing artists

It's just not about giving your voice, but you have to laugh, cry and pause at the right time and speak in the right tone. A dubbing artist has to really get into the character and live the character to make the dubbing perfect. He/she has to understand the character, tone of the language of the character etc. One can master in this by the practice of pronunciations, diction and learning to adapt voice over to different situations. A dubbing/voice over artist must be able to do characters ranging from different ages and sex to animals and various personalities.

While not the run-of-the-mill career choice for most, voice over or dubbing has steadily become a promising career for those who have the aptitude for it. With the growing market, the demand for experienced and professional voice over artist in India has been on the rise.


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