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Career As Soil Scientist: What You Really Need?

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Career as Soil Scientist

One may wonder why, of all the available options, a scientist would choose a career focusing on the soil. Soil isn't just dirt- but it's a vital resource that sustains the miracle of life on our planet. With the global population increasing, soil scientists have a crucial job of increasing crop productivity while conserving soil and preventing erosion and pollution. Soil scientists made the agricultural 'green revolution' of the 1960s possible. Many scientists now work on feeding the world's people in environmentally, agriculturally, and economically sustainable ways.

A soil scientist studies the chemical and physical properties of soil. He or she also studies the origin, distribution, and history of soils. These professionals interpret, identify, map, and manage soils. Soil scientists also work on environmental conservation and restoration and help mining operations apply environmentally responsible practices. They also study land - water resources. Let's dig into the article to know more about this exciting career.

Eligibility Criteria and Higher Studies

Aspiring candidates must pursue a four-year bachelor's degree in soil science. Candidates should have a strong background in subjects like science and mathematics in high school.

Curriculum and Core Subjects

Some of the core subjects included are:


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