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Chef?s- Innovation through food.

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Qualities That Make You A Chef

Chef?s are professional people who use a variety of food supplies to create delicacies. They are more than just cooks in that they are artists who combine different produce including meats, vegetables and dairy products with various spices and flavourings to create a wonderful concoction that is consumed by purchasers. Chefs have the ability to use food to transport an individual back to a certain time or to a certain place. A chef proficient with pizzas and pastas can make you feel like you are in a nook in the city of Florence, even while you are in the midst of the hustle and bustle of your own city.

There are different kinds of chefs in the industry. The head chef or the executive chef is primarily responsible for overseeing the day to day functioning of the kitchen. He coordinates the work of his subordinates and also determines the menu. The burden of innovation is placed on him as he is responsible for creating new dishes as per the growing demands. Alternatively, a sous chef is the second in command of the head chef. He prepares the meals and reports directly to the head chef.

One of the most renowned chefs of the present generation is Massimo Bottura. His three star Michelin restraint boasts of flavourful delicacies and scrumptious meals. However, this is not the only reason why he has been called one of the pioneers in the culinary industry. Bottura realised that food insecurity, malnourishment and sheer poverty were prevalent problems in today?s world. Through his foundation, ?Food for Soul?, Bottura has turned more than 15 tonnes of excess food into meals for the homeless, working poor and refugees. The meals are made from surplus ingredients that would otherwise be discarded as waste. Contributors to this initiative include supermarkets and other such suppliers. Bottura has successfully transformed browned bananas, overripe tomatoes and stale bread into nutritious three course meals, thereby enabling a sustainable lifestyle. This foundation, initially started in Milan, has now branched out to various cities in the world including Rio de Janeiro, London and cities in the United States of America.

Research Institutes:

Palate Culinary Academy, Mumbai

Culinary Academy Of India, Hyderabad

Richmonte Masterbaker, Dubai


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