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Computer Programmer: Jobs, Salary, Career and Education

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Are you unsure if becoming a computer programmer is the right career path? Let's dive into the article to know what does a computer programmer do? And how do you become one? Computer programmers create the code for software applications and operations systems. After the professionals design a computer program, the computer programmer writes a code that converts the design into a set of instructions a computer can follow. The programmer tests the program multiple times until it is error-free.

Curriculum and Core Subjects

Computer Science Engineering students study the implementation, design, and management of information systems of both software and hardware processes.

Structure of a basic Undergraduate CSE Programme:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences including Management courses
  • Basic Science courses
  • Engineering Science courses, including workshop, basics of electrical/mechanical/ computer, drawing, etc.
  • Professional core courses
  • Professional Elective courses relevant to chosen specialization/branch
  • Open subjects ? Electives from other technical and /or emerging subjects
  • Project work, seminar, and internship in industry or elsewhere
  • Mandatory Courses

[Environmental Sciences, Induction Programme, Indian Constitution, Essence of Indian Knowledge Tradition]

The above can be further broken down into:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Calculus Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations
Chemistry I Modern Physics
Introduction to computer programming Data Analysis and Interpretation
Economics Abstractions and Paradigms in Programming
Chemistry Lab Physics Lab
Workshop Practice Abstractions and Paradigms in Programming
Engineering Graphics and Drawing
Semester 3 Semester 4
Numerical Analysis Environmental Studies
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits Automata Theory and Logic
Discrete Structures Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms Logic Design
Experimentation and Measurement Lab Software Systems Lab
Data Structures and Algorithms Lab/td> Logic Design Lab
Semester 5 Semester 6
Literature/Philosophy/Psychology/Sociology Artificial Intelligence
Computer Architecture Implementation of Programming Languages
Operating Systems Computer Networks
Database and Information Systems Artificial Intelligence Lab
Database and Information Systems Lab Implementation of Programming Languages Lab
Computer Architecture Lab Computer Networks Lab
Operating Systems Lab
Semester 7 Semester 8
Elective 1 Elective 4
Elective 2 Elective 5
Elective 3 Elective 6
Institute Elective 1 Institute Elective 2

Eligibility Criteria and Higher Studies

Although a bachelor's or master's degree is often required for computer programming jobs, depending on where they work, Computer Programmers may also need to seek certification. A Diploma program in computer is also available for those who cannot pursue full time courses.

Computer Programmer Skills Required

There are several key skills that you need to have if you want to be a computer programmer.

  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Ability to learn concepts and apply them to other problems
  • Resourcefulness

Computer Programmer Job Prospects

Some of the job prospects that can interest you.

  • Backend Engineer
  • Entry Level Computer Programmer
  • Fullstack Engineer
  • Online Service Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer


Computer Programmers can earn a salary ranging from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per annum

Top Universities

Check out the top 10 universities offering courses that can help you become a successful Computer Programmer:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • National Institute of Technology, Trichy
  • International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Delhi Technological University
  • Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Banaras Engineering College, Varanasi
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Disclaimer- On basis of different sources salary may vary according to experience in India.


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