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Do you want to write in English? Then this article is tailor-made for you!

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Do you have the flair to write creatively in English and want to become an author? If so, then this is the right career path for you. An author is someone who loves the art of writing. Their primary focus is to produce well-crafted pieces of work for us to enjoy and read. An author will generally work closely with words and use the fundamentals of the language to evoke readers' imagination, educate them, and hold their interest.

There are different types of authors: they can be poets, journalists, screenwriters, novelists, copywriters, play writers and so on. There are also various genres of writing: creative, business, professional, academic and journalistic. Let's dig into the article to gain in-depth knowledge about this exciting career.

Eligibility Criteria and Higher Studies

A candidate aspiring to be an author must acquire a bachelor's degree in English Literature.

Curriculum and Core Subjects

A breakup of the syllabus is tabulated here:

Areas of Study Topics
English Literature History of English Literature
English Drama
English Poetry
English Novels
English Tradition of Literary Criticism
Non- British Literature European Modernism
American Literature
African Writings in English
English Writings from Canada
English Writings from Australia
English Writings from New Zealand
Indian Literature Classical Writings from India
Indian Writing in English
Women Writing in India
Literature of India
Popular Fiction Forms of Popular Fiction
Popular Literature
Literary Criticism Literary Theory
Literary Terms
Movements in Literature Post-Colonial Writing in English
Modernism and Postmodernism
Realism, Existentialism, etc

Author Skills Required

Want to be an author? 5 writing skills you need to master:

  • The Ability to Communicate
  • The Power of Observation
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Knowledge of Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation
  • Fearlessness

Author Job Prospects

Some of the job prospects are:

  • Novelist
  • Screenwriter
  • Speechwriter
  • Book Editor
  • Technical Writer

Author Salary

At 7.5%, an author gets Rs 15 for every book sold (at an MRP of Rs 200). For a Rs 100 book, the Royalty is Rs 7.5 a book. Royalties above 12.5% are very rare, and a few successful ones even manage to get up to 20% as Royalty. But those are the ones who sell upwards of 75000 copies per book.

Top Universities

Some of the top universities and colleges are:

  • University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • St. Stephen's College, New Delhi
  • Hans Raj College, New Delhi
  • Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi
  • Hindu College, New Delhi
Disclaimer- On basis of different sources salary may vary according to experience in India.


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