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Heal Patients With The Magic Of Colors! Become A Chromotherapist!

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Chromotherapist Career guidance

Haven?t we all heard things like ?I?m more of a black person? or ?Darling, take this one? Magenta suits your personality.? Why do we have biases, preferences or are selective towards colors? Well, because these colors affect our mood and us in more ways than one. It was later discovered that humans should take time off their schedule and go walking in a preferably green place. Because of the lush green color of plants and trees and extremely soothing and nurture your eyes. Let?s learn about a therapy that is solely based on the power of colors. Don?t you want to see how that works?


Chromotherapy sometimes called color therapy, or colorology is an alternative medicine method, which is considered pseudoscience. Chromotherapists claim to be able to use light in the form of color to balance "energy" lacking from a person's body, whether it be on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels.

Color therapy is distinct from other types of light therapy, such as neonatal jaundice treatment] and blood irradiation therapy, which are scientifically accepted medical treatments for a number of conditions, as well as from photobiology, the scientific study of the effects of light on living organisms.

Chromotherapy is a pseudoscience; practitioners claim that exposure to certain hues of light can help people to feel better physically or mentally, which has not been backed up by experimental, peer-reviewed research.


Luminous chromotherapy. Consists of projecting light color rays obtained by passing white light through a filter. These filters select precise lengths of waves that the eye perceives as ?colors?. This is used at three levels; disease level when the pathogen comes from the environment. In traumatology, all alias (pain in a particular area) less than trauma. The treatment of sequelae of head injury improves memory, attention disorders, anxiety and depressive background in rheumatology. In dermatology: herpes zoster, herpes simplex, burn scars or post-surgical.

At eye level: an effect of ?central? regulation at head level with a double mental and physical effect is generated. It will also be used to treat sunburn or a state of ?shock?.

At the level of an acupuncture point: Before any acupoint treatment is determined by the trigram


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