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If you have the business skills then career as a sales advertising agent will be the perfect pick

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career as a sales advertising agent

Who Are Advertising Sales Agent?

Advertising sales agents sell advertising to businesses by making sales presentations, contacting clients, and maintaining customer accounts. They work in a variety of industries such as internet publishing, radio, television, and advertising agencies. They must meet sales quotas and may spend much of their time traveling to visit prospective clients to make sure they are educated on new products and that they foster a good business relationship.

How to become an advertising sales agent

Advertising sales agents may gain entry level sales positions with a high school diploma. However, many employers prefer a bachelor?s degree with courses in business, communications, advertising, and marketing. Publishing companies and broadcasting stations with a large audience reach usually look for candidates with at least a college degree.

What do they do?

An advertising sales representative sells advertising space on behalf of their advertising firm or company.

They are responsible for identifying potential clients by placing cold calls, sending out emails, or following up on inquiries. When meeting with a potential client, the advertising sales representative presents information about all of the advertising services they can offer. This could include showing sample advertisements, an explanation of the places the advertisement could appear, and a summary of how much the ad campaign would cost. In addition to trying to find new clients, advertising sales representatives also need to maintain their current client list by keeping in regular contact with them and making sure they are pleased with the advertising service.

Required Skills

Like many other types of sales representatives, to be successful in this field a good deal of initiative and drive is required in order to find and secure new clients and business. Depending on the size of your territory, you may correspond with potential and existing clients by email, phone, in-person, or all three, making strong interpersonal and communication skills highly important. It is also key for advertising sales representatives to stay organized, as they likely will be juggling a number of different clients, and it is important to make each client feel like they receive enough attention.

Where do they work?

They work in a range of industries, including advertising agencies, radio, television and internet publishing. They will contact potential clients, make sales presentations, maintain client accounts and often work under pressure to meet sales quotas. Selling can be stressful because income and job security depend directly on the agent's ability to keep and expand their client base. Companies generally set monthly sales quotas and place considerable pressure on advertising sales agents to meet those quotas.


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