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Pilot Career Guide! How to Become a Pilot

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Career as Pilot

During your childhood, most of you must have dreamt of becoming a pilot. However, for those clinging onto these dreams and genuinely considering becoming a pilot, this is the article which you should read to know more about the passion. While there are a few details here which you'll get into, you'd be glad to know that becoming a pilot is more hands-on than you might initially think.

Eligibility Criteria and Higher Studies 

Aspiring candidates must have completed 10+2 examination with a minimum aggregate of 50% in maths and physics. Candidates must be at least 16 years of age to be eligible for a student pilot license and 17 years for a private pilot license. For 18 years and above, you must have a commercial pilot license. 

Curriculum and Core Subjects 

Some of the core subjects are:

  • Air Regulation
  • Air Navigation 
  • Principles of Flight
  • Aviation Meteorology 
  • Instrumentation 
  • Aircraft & Engines (General & Specific)
  • Radio Telephone 
  • Air Law
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge 
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring 
  • Operational Procedures 

Careers Related to the Field 

Some of the careers related to the field are:

  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians 
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians 
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Attendants 


In India, airline pilots earn a salary ranging from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh per annum. The pay tends to increase according to the experience. 

Top Universities 

Some of the top universities and academies in India for Pilot study are: 

  • A.J.Aviation Academy, Bengaluru 
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Hyderabad
  • Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bengaluru 
  • Wings College of Aviation and Technology, Pune
  • Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics, Ahmedabad


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