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Protect Your State?s Natural Resources By Pursuing a Career as a Fish and Game Warden?Find Out!

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A wildlife degree or fish and game warden degree can lead to a unique and exciting career that bridges the gap between law enforcement and environmental stewardship. Fish and game warden programs are a balance between law and conservation enforcement practices, administrative law, and wildlife biology. The field of wildlife protection and enforcement is somewhat specialized and is in need of people who understand and can respond to its unique demands


Introduction to Aquaculture

  • Animal Behavior
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Ecology of Natural Resources
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Field Orientation & Training
  • Fisheries Management
  • Contemporary Animal Conservation Issues
  • Management of Wildlife Habitat
  • Conservation Decision-Making


You will need at least a 2-year degree if you'd like to become a fish and game warden. You can enroll in a community college or university and major in a field such as criminal justice. Your program may include courses such as forensic science, criminal law, criminal investigation, mathematics and the justice system.

When you complete your educational training and are hired as a fish and game warden, you'll enroll in a training academy for up to a year.

Training for state fish and game wardens is usually completed at a police academy. As a recruit, you'll be given training in areas such as firearms use, and investigative techniques, as well as lessons in constitutional and state laws.

If you'd like to work for the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, you'll have to acquire a 4-year bachelor's degree in criminal justice or a related field. A bachelor's curriculum might offer classes such as social psychology, corrections and crime analysis.

Personal skills

  • Computer skills including typing, word processing and spreadsheets
  • Law and government ? You must know the rules for fish and game in your location
  • Law enforcement ? You must know how to protect your own safety and enforce laws effectively
  • Customer service ? A fish and game warden interacts with the public, and they must do so in an appropriate manner
  • Speech clarity and communication ? Whether you?re talking with a supervisor or a member of the public, you need to be able to communicate your message
  • Patrol ? You must observe for violations and compliance
  • Good judgment ? You have to make tough decisions and exercise discretion appropriately

Higher education

Even though you might be able to apply for a position as a fish and game warden with just a high school education, the most competitive applicants will have advanced training. Employers are looking for advanced education in the fields that are most applicable to the work you?ll do on a daily basis. Biology majors and natural resources and conservation majors may have a leg up in the application process. Law enforcement training is another possible education choice.

There are other, related courses that can be helpful for training to become a fish and game warden. A writing class and a public speaking class will help you hone your communication skills. Math skills are important too. Think about the skills you?ll need each day to do the work, and plan your higher education accordingly.

Job prospects

A fish and game warden usually works for a state government. They?re typically part of their state?s Department of Natural Resources. There are also wardens that work for the federal government as part of the national parks. While there are a few conservation jobs in the private sector, a fish and game warden is almost always a government employee.

Top Colleges

  • University of Georgia
  • Michigan State university
  • Montana state university
  • University of Florida
  • Duke university


If you love hunting and fishing, becoming a fish and game warden is a good way to get paid for being in the great outdoors. You also get to spend your time performing the important work of helping a state preserve their natural resources. You can earn a living and perform an important service at the same time.


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