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Thinking like a Geographer? Check These Signs to Find Out.

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Are you interested in learning more about a career in geography?

Geography is the science of place and space. Geographers are scientists who specialize in studying the earth, including its physical features, organisms, and natural phenomena. The chief types of geographers include physical geographers, who examine the processes that contribute to the rise of the planet's landforms, meteorological changes, and dispersal of plants and wildlife; and human geographers, who focus on geography's effects on cultural and social interactions.

Geographer VS Geologist:

Geologists and geographers both study and analyze the earth but in different ways. 'Geographer' is an expert in the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity, as it affects and is affected by these. 'Geologist' is an expert in the field of geology, the study of what the Earth is made of and how it was formed.

Eligibility in terms of qualification to become a geographer is 10+2 with high marks in social sciences, including geography. Aspirants then take admission in a 3-year course with geography as a subject, in any art college. For some particular degree courses in selected universities and colleges, there is an entrance test in which the aptitude of aspirants is checked for specialized study of geography. A 1st class honors degree in geography is generally a prerequisite for admission to a postgraduate course in geography. After completing the 3-year long undergrad degree course, an aspirant can opt for a master?s degree, M.Phil. or Ph.D. At these levels, the aspirant can choose any specialized courses in geography like cartography, urban and town planning, climatology, etc.

Aspirants can score an entry-level position with a minimum qualification of 10+2 education, so here the soft skills here play an essential role. A soft skill such as creativity, an analytical bent of mind, has impeccable organizational skills, communicates well, and be comfortable working in a team plays a vital role while opting for a geographer.

The scope for a geographer in India is vast. Aspirants will score positions like data collection, analysis, presentation, problem identification and evaluation, report production and presentation, etc. after completing the course. Geography as a subject has a vast scope; the subject delves into several different aspects like environment management, geographic information systems, meteorology, urban planning, teaching, and research.

Top institutions offering geography:

? University of Delhi

? University of Rajasthan

? Institute of Geoinformatics & Remote Sensing

? Jamia Millia University


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