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Top 5 Tips To Recycle Waste Water Now! | DIY

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Water is an important natural resource. While 70 percent of the earth is covered by water, only
2.5 percent accounts for fresh water while rest is saline and ocean-based water. Of which 1
percent is available with most of it trapped in glaciers and snowfields. Basically, 0.007 percent
of water found on earth can be used by the world?s population. Although the usage of water is
always on the rise, the availability still remains the same. While parts of the world generously
use water, many drought prone regions face scarcity. We have to conserve, manage and
distribute the water we have as it is a basic human need.

We?ve brought to you top 5 tips to do it yourself so that you can efficiently recycle water:

1. Reuse Shower Water

  • DIY:    Place a bucket under the shower while you are waiting for the water to warm up and move the bucket before you get into the shower.
  • Fact:   It may not seem like you are saving a lot of water but consider the fact that one person showers 1-2 times a day for 365 days of a year. Can you imagine the water you will be collecting for reuse?
  • Recycled Water can be used to:
    ?Flush the toilet    ?Water the plants    ?Clean the premise outside your house  

2. Reuse Waste Water After Washing Vegetables And Fruits

  • DIY:   Save the water after washing vegetables and fruits, in a bucket. It will be best to keep a bucket for this purpose to maintain sanitation.
  • Fact:   Every day vegetables and fruits are washed in every household. You can easily recycle water after cleaning the produce.
  • Recycled Water can be used to:
    ?Flush the toilet    ?Water the plants    ?Clean the premise outside your house  

3. Reuse Waste Water After Boiling Vegetables And Rice

  • DIY:   After the vegetables and rice are washed, they will be cooked. Again, the leftover boiled water can be cooled and reused for water conservation.
  • Fact:   This water is simply thrown down the drain as it doesn?t seem to be much. But in reality when you check all the leftover boiled water you?ve collected in a day, it adds up to a lot. It is good nutritious water which can be used as a natural fertilizer.
  • Recycled Water can be used to:
    ?Flush the toilet    ?Water the plants    

4. Rain Water Harvesting

  • DIY:   A system to collect rain water can be installed outside every household and over every building.
  • Fact:   Collecting rainwater is also part of reusing water which goes unnoticed. Rain water is considered a clean source of water.
  • Recycled Water can be used to:
    ?Wash clothes    ?Wash utensils    ?Clean the floor of your house  

5. Reuse Waste Water From Washing Machines

  • DIY:   You can direct the water that is discharged after washing the clothes to a large storage container.
  • Fact:   Litres and litres of water go down the drain since clothes are washed on a daily or weekly basis in every household.
  • Recycled Water can be used to:
    ?Clean the premise outside your house  

These are some nifty ?Do It Yourself? ideas. They are some top 5 tips to recycle water for water conservation. Did you know, due to the shortage of water, people who live in drought prone areas consume contaminated water as well as use it for daily household chores? Everyday litres of water are wasted and if you desire to be a guardian of water, you can build a fulfilling career in waste water management. Sounds interesting, doesn?t it? Well, there is a huge scope for environmental engineering which includes reusing waste water for water conservation.

We suggest you try out these environmental friendly tips, share them with other children, and even educate adults to adopt it as part of their lifestyle.

Just Learning is constantly working towards bringing insightful ideas to help you grow holistically. When you implement any of the ideas we?ve suggested or if we?ve inspired you to come up with your own ideas, take pictures or videos of your project and share it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with a string of these hashtags #justlearning #doityourself #recyclewater #topfivetips #reuseofwastewater #careerinwaterwastemanagement #environmentalengineering #waterconservation #rainwaterharvesting.


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