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Classification of Plants

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Neolamarckia cadamba


Scientific classification

Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Gentianales





Species:N. cadamba




In Hindu mythology, Kadam was the favourite tree of Krishna. Tree up to 45 m tall, without branches for more than 25 m. Diameter up to 100 (-160) cm but normally less; sometimes with buttresses. The crown is umbrellashaped and the branches are characteristically arranged in tiers. 

Leaves simple, 13-32 cm long. 

Flowers orange, small, in dense, globose heads. They appear like solid, hairy orange balls.

The fruits are small capsules, packed closely together to form a fleshy, yellow or orange coloured infructescence containing approx. 8,000 seeds. The small capsules split into four parts releasing the seed at maturity. There are approximately 20,000 seeds per gram.

It is believed to have medicinal value in curing astringent, ulcer, digestive, diarrhoea, expectorant, fever, vomiting.



(A postal stamp was issued by the Indian Postal Department to commemorate this tree.)




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