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Qualities Of An Effective Teacher

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Almost every adult will reminisce about their school days and for a good reason. The playtime, summer vacations, group of friends, school competitions and favourite teachers are among the many reasons adults get nostalgic thinking about their school life. Over the years, so many teachers have taught you, and you may even have a favourite subject. You hold a subject dear because of how the teacher taught you, and with a favourite teacher followed a favourite subject.

So, what makes a great teacher? Here are some qualities that most effective teachers possess. We bet your teacher checks off most of these boxes.

1. An effective teacher understands the different learning styles

While your five fingers are not the same, how can one expect all the students to learn similarly? The teacher will observe the students and will use different methods to keep the student engaged. While most students learn visually, some have a hands-on approach and even those that can listen and learn. A teacher who is in touch with the student?s needs will engage all the students somehow. Playing videos, creating room for experimentation and playing interactive learning games are ways to engage different learners.

2. An effective teacher creates a community in the classroom

A classroom is a place where students meet, connect, exchange ideas and learn. This place is governed by rules which the students are expected to adhere to, just like in a community. Students even celebrate and develop a sense of identity and oneness. An effective teacher builds trust and shows students to depend on others as well. This interdependence is a primary part of a group.

3. An effective teacher reassures and motivates students

While growing up, students rely on adults? acceptance and feedback; teachers play a key role in being the cheerleader. Reassurance is food for effort. Students learn to develop their self-belief as a result of it. When teachers reassure students, they become confident individuals.

4. An effective teacher collaborates with other teachers

An experienced teacher knows that alone she or he can go this far, but they can go the distance together. Sharing ideas and discussing challenges with other teachers is productive as it aims as quick problem-solving. Since people all have different experiences, they can create a lasting impact if they work to their strengths.

5. An effective teacher is a life-long learner

Teachers go through a rigorous teaching course for their professional development, and that is just the beginning. The latest theories, trends and techniques, and government policies and structures need to be incorporated in the teaching method. In their teaching career, they interact with different generations of students, and they must keep updated and are adaptable. Since most kids are tech-savvy and the world is going digital, teachers need to opt for Education Technology to teach the curriculum.

6. An effective teacher instils a growth mindset

A teacher that is a life-long learner sets an example for students to nurture their love for learning. This helps students to be open to new concepts, raise questions, adopt and apply them. We bet your favourite teacher has most of the above characteristics. Your teacher is your guide and a valuable mentor. Appreciate your teacher and take the time to express your gratitude as well. Just like every student is different, the same applies to teachers as well. Make the most of what the teacher has to offer.


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