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Voice Over Artist- Bringing Characters To Life | Just Learning

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Do you remember the voice of your famous cartoon character? Was it squeaky, soft, or raspy? It is the voice that brings the character to life. Voice-over artists are professionals who can mold their voices to suit the character. This career is not limited to animated characters but expands to sectors like films, television, radio, documentaries, etc.

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Arushi Talwar is a voice-over artist who has lent her voice for several films, web series, television and radio advertisements. Some of her paramount voice skills can be witnessed in films like Terminator, Maleficent, Justice League, Toy Story, and also Netflix shows like House of Cards, Jessica Jones, Sacred Games, etc. Apart from being a voice actress, she is also a versatile actor. She bagged well-known brand advertisements like Pedigree, Parle 2020, Amazon, Harpic, Colgate, Reliance Mart, etc.

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Conceptualized to be the voice of the education community in India, Just Learning helps Students and Educators to make peer-to-peer connections and to showcase their academic talent, share knowledge, find mentors and collaborate as one large family.

Just Learning portal is a virtual meeting place for Students, Teachers, Subject Experts, and parents to share their blogs, videos, success stories, expert opinions and exchange ideas. Schools are also welcomed to upload and share videos of science fairs, competitions, and annual achievements/awards.

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