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An Inspiration To The Nation: Founder Richa Singh Makes Support Accessible To All! Find Out How!

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Having a stomach infection or asthma is acceptable to our society but depression, anxiety or cognitive disorders are a discussion that most families blow away!

Richa Singh, Founder of YourDOST was only a student at IIT Guwahati when her hostel friend committed suicide due to her anxiety about her career. Even when counseling was made available, she chose to take her life rather than seek help.

When Richa started working closely on this cause she discovered that people do not address the issues of mental health due to a lack of awareness of its symptoms and fearing social implications it would bring.

YourDost is an online therapy platform that has attributes of self-help, self-awareness, personality development and much more related to psychological health. Certified counsellors are available at the helpline to guide patients on their path to the holistic development of mental health.

She collaborated with her partner Puneet Manuja and approached many psychologists to develop this business idea. Satyajeet and Prakhar Verma laid the tech foundations. This platform is fighting the battle of uprooting a long-standing stigma that only mentally ill go to a psychologist for help. This forum helps people with personality development, on life-coaching on making smart career and personal choices that help lead a stable life, coping with stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.


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