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Awanish Sharan- Reforming The Education System Through His Own Personal Life!

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Awanish Sharan, a 2009 batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, with over a decade of experience under his sleeve, has taken it upon himself to reform the public education system through his own personal life example.

In 2016, Awanish enrolled his daughter into a government school in Balrampur, Chhattisgarh, where he was posted as the District Collector. Subsequently, in 2018, he got his daughter admitted into the Pramukh Prathamik Shala in Kabirdham district when he got transferred. This pattern of admitting his daughter exclusively into government schools is rooted in the belief that the facilities in government schools will only improve if the civil servants administering their operation start using them. It is only when the civil servants and government officials have a personal stake in the development of the institution that it will actually achieve standards emulated in private schools. These civil servants have the power and ability to ensure that the management performs its duties in an efficient manner. They also have a crucial role to play in the funding accorded for the operation of the school. This has been manifested in the fact that all the schools in the district in which Awanish is posted as a District Collector, have ?Smart Classes?. He has also organized for motivational speakers to come and speak to the students and career counseling activities for the students. Through his experience he has observed that once civil servants send their children to government run schools, it improves the general atmosphere of the school and incentivizes other parents within the same district to send their children to these government run schools.

Awanish has gone far beyond just changing the mindset of these individuals but has also proactively incorporated various programs in his district for the upliftment of the education system. Through his initiative, ?PAHAL?, he offers free of cost residential coaching for students inclined to prepare for professional courses like Engineering, medicine and even the Civil Services exam!


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