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Ecosia: A Search Engine That Plants A Tree Every Time You Search Something

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Grow Trees Every Time You Browse

The importance of green is not unknown to humans. Still, we are consuming what is left of only 30% greens of the planet. As the world seeks to reduce the pace of climate change, dying wildlife, and deteriorating the quality of breathable air for billions of people, planting trees is the only solution we can exercise since the trees inevitably hold a major part of the answer.

Yet today wildfires, mass clearing for agriculture and urbanization have not stopped. The mass destruction of trees, deforestation, and exploitation continues.

Amidst all the chaos, a 27 years old living in Berlin, Germany, Christian Kroll, went on a trip around the world after completing his education. While travelling he grew very interested in ideas of sustainable living. Christian became aware of the problems developing countries are facing and decided to become a social entrepreneur. He started - a green search engine - in order to contribute to the protection of the rainforests.

Basically, Ecosia - a search engine based in Berlin, Germany, that plants trees by donating 80% or more of its profits to non-profit organizations that focus on Reforestation across the world. Ecosia is a CO2 negative business that vows to be transparent in its dealings and maintain customer privacy to its best! It is Christian?s promise that every search you make on this engine will contribute to a greener tomorrow.

The website maintains a dashboard of the running total of the number of trees planted. As on date the search engine has planted 68579975+ and counting trees. With every 50 searches, Ecosia plants a new tree. The source of revenue for Ecosia is Ad money.

The Green Footprint Of Ecosia:

  • Ecosia is associated with more than 16 countries throughout the world. The Eden Reforestation Project and Hommes et Terre are some of the major partners in reforestation.
  • They are successful in creating employment in Tribals located around forest regions by giving plantation and care jobs
  • Ecosia has helped animals and birds find their homes in forests A lot of pollution effects were reversed due to the revival of biodiversity hotspots
  • Ecosia leads regenerative agriculture competitions in several countries
  • It is listed in Leonardo Di Caprio?s foundation that recognizes eco-friendly initiatives

Join the movement. Visit the website and download an easily usable chrome extension that will help you to contribute to this green movement. Every search adds life to our planet. Every Indian can join this initiative by simply using the search engine enough number of times.

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