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Ex-Infosys Prashant Kulkarni Cannot Resist Street Food, Creates A hygienic Street Food Start-Up?Find Out!

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Prashant Kulkarni

Pani Puri is an all- time favourite dish which almost no one can resist! A typical streetside Pani-Puri cannot match any homemade or restaurant, Pani Puri. Typically it is a hotspot of viruses since the water used is rarely of a hygienic quality. The vendors may also dip their hands in the water causing an infestation.

One such incidence happened with Prashant Kulkarni. He got a viral infection from eating Pani Puri. Doctors even advised him to not eat Pani Puri. How can one resist the urge to not eat street food? Thus, Prashant came up with his own business ?Gapagap? of hygienic street food.

Prashant Kulkarni never pegged himself as a guy who would be happy in a 9 to 5 corporate race. A strong leader and entrepreneur, Prashant came up with a street food start-up from a funny yet bad experience.

Gapagap has over 80 types of bhel, 27 types of chaats, pohas, etc. The brand Chatar Patar sells pani-puri?s in 112 different flavours. Some of the famous items include Maggi Gapagap: a combination of various tastes with the regular Maggi, Masala Fries. He has many more options like Chaatizza: Chaat+Pizza, Idli fries, idli chaat, and khakhra chat.


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