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How A Musician Can Be An Excellent Entrepreneur? Let Us Learn From Abir!

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Music is a religion in India, this art form requires a huge amount of dedication and time from enthusiasts to make it to the bigger stages. This comes at a cost both tangible or intangible. The tangibles include the cost of coaching and time dedicated to the practice. The intangibles are the ones that make or break an artist.

Orthodox families still believe that education always has to be given preference over music or art forms as won?t earn you a livelihood. These attitudes sometimes cost a career to an artist. Some talents perish due to these struggles, some excel even after hardships and some find their unusual paths.

Abir is a classic example of someone of the third type. He was about to be captured in the trap of societal pressure. After returning from Europe Abir followed the path of many young NRI?s by taking up a job.

His perseverance to follow his passion and his sharp intellect led him to become a combination of a music enthusiast as well as a respectable entrepreneur. He synergized with his friend Siddhartha and founded the music instrument store ? Kadence with a vision to add rhythm to lives around him.

Abir?s journey started when he came back to India and realized that there is a huge gap in the demand and supply for quality musical instruments at a genuine price. Kadence came into existence to help resolve this problem.

Being a music enthusiast, Abir found peace being around instruments. The business brings him alive as he is invested in the art. He wants to make Kadence a platform to support young talent from all parts of India to get connected and showcase their talent. The name of this platform is Kadence Xperience.

Siddhartha and Abir are complementary as business partners and are able to bring different skill sets together to grow Kadence. Abir is a classic example of an artist who can break the conventional barriers of building a sustainable business utilizing their talent.


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