Nothing Great Ever Came That Easy ?An Inspiration For The Generation!

You have no control on fate but fate works in your favor if you favor your passion. Follow your heart and it will surely lead you to the right place. We must not be prisoners of our past, but rather architects of our future. There will be instances in your life where you might find yourself in the middle of an intersection. Everything might seem discombobulated. At such times, it?s best to go with your gut feeling and do what you?re the most passionate about.

Ranu Mondal from Ranaghat, West Bengal was an extremely poor woman blessed with angelic voice who?d sing at railway stations to earn for sustenance. Renu?s only daughter abandoned her saying that she bought shame to the family. But Renu did not give up on her passion for singing and survived through the toughest miseries life threw at her. And then shined the lucky stone on her when one fine day, Renu?s intriguing voice caught the attention of a passer-by. The man recorded Renu singing an old song ?Ekk Pyar Ka Nagma Hai? and posted it on his social media site which went viral overnight.

Ranu is now a famous name in the music industry and collaborates with multiple artists. She?s also been felicitated on national television and personally by well-known celebrities. Her story is truly inspiring and revives our belief in miracles. She sets an example for all of us and sends out a bold message that only the darkest storms make the most skilful sailors.

You must believe in your potentials and hop skip jump through the deepest hurdles of life with a smile on your face and faith in your heart. Pursue your passion, and everything else will fall into place. This is not being romantic. This is the highest order of pragmatism.


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