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Paintings of 80-year-old Madhya Pradesh woman on exhibit in Italy...Find Out!

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Judhaiya Bai Baiga?s Painting exhibition

Judhaiya Bai Baiga?s painting recently travelled all the way to a Milan exhibition in Italy and was sold instantly. This was not the first time Baiga?s painting was displayed in an exhibition along with paintings of other talented artists.

A resident of Lorha village in Madhya Pradesh, 80-year-old Baiga who belongs to a tribal community, has the distinction of seeing her art travelling to several art galleries in India and abroad.

If, at her advanced age, her paintings are appreciated by people, it?s because she knows that an artist can never claim perfection, but always aspire to better their art.

When asked how she feels about getting international recognition, she says, ?It has not changed my life as such. But yes, a change can be seen as more and more women, including my daughter-in-law are taking an interest in painting. Some of these women always wanted to paint but did not have avenues back then.?

Baiga belongs to a tribal community heavily dependent on forest resources for their livelihood and some engage in menial jobs. Education, roads and employment are still to reach the interiors of the region.

She lost her husband when she turned 40 and now lives with her two sons. Her only daughter is now married.

Baiga decided to start her second innings with a colourful attitude, literally.

Happy in their world, her community loves to dress in the brightest and most colourful clothes and lead life with the belief that there is no substitute to hard work.

This is probably the reason why Baiga took up painting at 70, an age when most people retire and indulge in rest. But Baiga, who worked in the fields for most of her life, finds relaxation in painting. ?Painting takes me to another world where I am as free as a bird. When I learnt about a teacher who is willing to teach for free in our village, I decided to give painting a try, something I was never interested in. Yet, on the very first day, I found my passion,? says Baiga.

It is a proud moment for the Adivasi community as they have not had the proper education. This will motivate other community people to come forward and get indulge in these kind of activities Reading Judhiya?s story, it is a true inspiration and a learning that it is never too late to start.

Despite hardships and personal difficulties she followed her passion and earned a living.

We must follow her and be a role model for others


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