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PHIRO ? An educational robotics and coding platform for children without screening.

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Increased screen time for children negatively predicts the long term problems, but particularly underlines the areas critical to kid?s healthy growth and development: sleep, physical activity and implement the things in the day to day life.

Digital media doesn?t cause childhood obesity, but studies have found children?s exposure is associated with higher risk, a 2014 study found an increase in BMI for every additional hour of screen time for toddlers per week. This occurs: by screen time taking up time that could have been spent in physical activity, and by digital media distracting children during meals to the point they don?t recognize the feeling of fullness. (The inhibited emotional development discussed above may cause increasing risk of childhood obesity).

And for people of all ages ? from babies to adults ? the negative effects of screen time on our resting time have been clearly documented. For children, this is a particularly high price to pay, considering from babyhood to the teen years, children encode and retain things learnt throughout the day. Too much screen time for children isn?t life-threatening, and parenting is full of trade-offs more rather than less digital media might be worth it. But the effects of digital media watching can add up over years and turn into bad habits and behaviours that self-perpetuate beyond what parents can control. That does not mean that we are doomed it just means parents need to learn how to make screen time work for children.

One of the most effective ways for kids to learn problem solving and implementing is through coding & robotics, where they code and learn by a non-screening technique. Phiro is a robotics and coding platform that teaches problem solving and computational thinking which the children will need in future. Learning with Phiro will make kids think and solve problems where they can become artists, engineers, economists, astronomers or anything they want. Phiro for kids ages 4 to 8.Kids can learn to code & program the robot without a computer. There is no screen involved in the process Phiro Unplugged is a great robotic tool to learn Sequential Programming and fundamentals of Binary Coding.

Phiro for young people ages 9 to 18.Phiro Pro engages young people at the next level by stimulating coding concepts using open-source programming languages. Program & control Phiro Pro wirelessly, with a computer, tablet or smartphone connected in bluetooth mode, to Scratch 2.0 (MIT, USA), Snap4Arduino (UC Berkeley/Citilab, Spain), Pocket Code mobile apps (Catrobat project headquartered at Graz University of Technology, Austria). Connect to a community on-line enabling collaboration, sharing & learning. Phiro Pro also has all the capabilities of Phiro Unplugged

Kids can create their own interactive games and stories, program Phiro to do anything they imagine while learning to solve problems. Phiro is a platform where kids can learn on their own and solve problems as well as build their own programs. It engages children and makes it easy for them to get started with the robots It is a fun coding and robotics platform for children up to 18 years. Phiro teaches the computer languages through easy hands on projects. Phiro has built in progression and versatility, it reaches all ages and skill levels. Kids can learn to code on their own, Phiro Unplugged with tangible Sequential Keys and colourful Coding Swish Cards.

Coding can be done through Phiro Pro, wirelessly using Scratch 2.0, Snap! or Phiro Code mobile app programming languages. Phiro is Lego? and Arduino compatible. Design thinking is an essential part of digital transformation. The phiro created uses design thinking to deliver a creative learning process. Lesson plans and educator guides developed by ROBOTIX are multidisciplinary With endless imagination and creativity kids learn while playing and go on adventures exploring the world. They learn to code and watch Phiro enact their programming. As kids learn to code, they foster computational thinking and problem solving skills, crucial for every field in the 21st century.

Coding and playing with Phiro builds their confidence and inspires kids to be creators and innovators of the world.


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