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Pranoti Nagarkar's Invention: A One-Click Roti Maker Is Every Woman?s Friend!

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Pranoti Nagarkar's Invention

Every middle-class family loves to eat mum made hot chapattis for lunch. Pranati too was a fan of her mum?s chapattis but she missed her mom on the lunch table as she always was busy preparing rotis! This is the story of every household, in the resolve of feeding tasty hot rotis to the family, the mum misses out on the fun at the lunch table.

To make the mum?s life easier, Pranoti invented the unique machine, the one-click roti machine. You just need to fill 3 inputs, atta, ghee, and waters, the smart machine utilized the right amount of each and kneads the perfect dough and bake the tasty, soft, hot chapattis! The one fear of burning chapattis is also gone as it pushes out the roti at the right time like a vending machine. Each chapatti with the perfect quality standard, this machine pushes out up to 20 chapattis in one go!

Pranoti has 8 patents to her name as on date for this unique product. She has single-handedly created a new category of appliances. Proud husband and partner Rishi Israni join Pranoti?s journey of success like a supportive man. He supports the idea of making life easier for working couples especially females. Their company ?Zimplistic? is famous across the globe and not just in India. This machine aims at making Tortillas, Tacos, Pizzas, etc.

The aim of ?Zimplistic? is stemmed out of Pranoti?s humble intentions, to share the workload of the woman of the house. The machine can be used by men, children and senior citizens thus reducing the load on the woman of the house!


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