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Priyanshi Somani: This Girl Is Born With A Calculator In Her Mind..Find Out!

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Priyanshi Somani

It is almost impossible for us to imagine mathematics without something as seemingly simple as a calculator. It was a human who created the calculator, but can the human brain be compared to a calculator? Do you have a calculator in mind? Can your brain work as fast as a calculator? If you think what we?re saying is bizarre, you?ll be shocked to know that doing something like this is actually possible when you read this inspirational story about Priyanshi Somani.

Age is just a number and it has got nothing to do with talent, as age does not define the boundaries of excellence. Priyanshi Somani has just proved that right. This kid with exceptional math calculation skills has broken all the records in mental calculation. She is probably the first Indian to win the prestigious Mental Calculation World Cup in 2010, just at the age of 12 years!

Unlike the normal human calculation, mental calculation requires the complete involvement of the brain to compute with accuracy. Priyanshi Somani has been the only contender in the world who has done mind calculation with 100% accuracy in addition, multiplication and square root in all the five Mental Calculation World Cups.


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