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Rohit Kashyap: A Story That Inspires Next Generation Entrepreneurs!

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Rohit Kashyap Youngest Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Rohit Kashyap, an 18-year-old, started his journey from a small town in Bihar, India, where he didn't have proper resources, yet he managed to become a founder and CEO of Maytree School of Entrepreneurship. He cleared olympiads and also ranked under 1000 in ICAI Commerce Wizard. This genius is also an Influencer on Quora, and millions of people read his answers regularly. He has been a part of many international university Bootcamps as well.

At the age of 14, he started his first startup and raised two rounds of funds. It all started with a social initiative to help every kid. Rohit got over 350+ calls in 45 days. That's when he came up with an idea to launch the Maytree School of Entrepreneurship with 5000+ applicants to ensure that they get mentored by the best so that they can be the best. They cater to young, creative and innovative minds of India by designing a virtual entrepreneurship school that allows young people to build new things. While a lot of his friends were worried about their CBSE board exams,Rohit came up with yet another novel plan and started "Call Pai Charcha with Rohit Kashyap", where everybody could connect with Rohit on phone calls and discuss their problems.

Rohit was recently awarded the Kamaveer Chakra Award Instituted by the United Nations at IIT Delhi for his work in the field of entrepreneurship. After a successful online program, now Maytree school is all set to enter school and colleges. In the next two years, Maytree school is targeting to design courses on Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Personal branding, and Leadership for 500+ colleges in India. Rohit Kashyap is stepping forward to achieve heights with exciting plans and vision.

Let's hope to see a lot of young Indian entrepreneurs inspire millions of kids, like Rohit Kashyap.


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