Sachin Kate - A School dropout, who fights his way into launching his own car rental tech platform! Let Us Find Out!

Sachin Kate

Education is the foundation of a successful career but sometimes circumstances do not allow education enthusiasts to pursue their calling! The ordinary ones kneel before the adversaries but the ones who keep fighting are ones who make it to the top!

Sachin Kate is one such extraordinary being, hailing from the small city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. His village was not even equipped with a school after the 4th standard. A disappointed Sachin was on the verge of dropping out when his parents saved his dreams from getting broken! Sachin was sent to his uncle?s. Here although the school was more accessible, Sachin had to take up petty jobs to support himself and his family.

From selling newspapers door-to-door to teaching computers at an institute, Sachin took up all the tasks that helped him work part-time along with studies in order to support his family.

In a village where the only means of starting up a business were to open up a kirana (grocery) shop, Sachin?s dreams of being a top entrepreneur were not taken seriously. When he moved to Aurangabad, Sachin discovered the beautiful world of travel and tourism. His meticulous mind noticed the major gap in the market where travel giants are focusing on air and train travel largely. They happen to ignore the potential of road transport as a sector.

With this knowledge, his coding ability, and strong entrepreneurial instincts, Sachin was on the breakthrough point! He founded Clear Car Rental with no capital support from friends, family or investors.

Clear car rental provides online car rental booking for outstation, local and transfer services. It is a marketplace that connects local car rental fleets with customers through his application. Customer can choose half a day service or a full day service, they can take a single trip or round trip, they can choose local pick-ups from airports or stations or from point to point, they can opt for outstation trips as well, they can opt for with-driver or driverless cars.

This app addressed the major gap in the market for renting cars for local and outstation trips and travels!

A car rental biggie with more than 100 people team, Clear car aims at reducing the number of vehicles on the road by introducing carpools and sharing systems that are cheaper for customers and more eco-friendly.


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