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Super 30: A Biopic Of An Educational Warrior Anand Kumar

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Are you a movie buff? Whether you enjoy watching a movie at a theatre or in the comfort of your home, everyone has a favourite movie or genre. While many movies are fictional, some others have historical significance, some are based on books and others are inspired by real life stories.

Today, let?s talk about the movie popular ?Super 30? with the male lead as Hrithik Roshan and the motivating story of his team of 30. While the movie was appreciated by its viewers, did you know it was based on a real life story? Well, if that?s? news to you, it gave you the chills.

Let?s go behind the scene to understand this better:

  1. In rural Bihar, it is a dream for the students to get into elite educational institutions.
  2. Keeping this in mind, in 2002, Abhayanand and Anand Kumar started Super 30 with the plan to select 30 talented students from low income sections of society who could not afford IIT coaching.
  3. Super 30 provides a platform for students that aspire to get an IIT education without spending a huge sum of money or taking loans.
  4. Anand Kumar is an Indian Mathematics educator best known for his Super 30 programme.
  5. He has dedicated his life to coach underprivileged students free of cost.
  6. He used to regularly travel six hours by train from Patna to Varanasi, to access study materials that were not available.
  7. 422 out of 481 students had made it to the IITs in 2018 and this was showcased in a documentary on the Discovery Channel.
  8. Anand has even spoken at Harvard and MIT about this programme.
  9. Anand has submitted papers on number theory, which were published in the Mathematical Spectrum and even secured admission to the University of Cambridge. But due to his financial situation after his father?s death, he couldn?t attend the programme.
  10. He started tutoring students to earn extra income.
  11. He started his institution Ramanujan School of Mathematics in 1992, with 500 students enrolled in it. The money earned from this centre funds his Super 30 free coaching residential school and family expenses.
  12. In 2000, a student sought Anand to receive coaching for IIT-JEE and since he couldn?t afford the coaching fees, Anand was inspired to start Super 30.
  13. Abhayanand, an IPS officer and educationalist, conceptualized Super 30 along with Anand Kumar.
  14. Students were selected for the programme through a competitive exam.
  15. The students who were selected had to live at a place and prepare for IIT-JEE under the guidance of Anand and Abhayanand.
  16. Later Abhayanand branched out and took the Super 30 idea to other states and communities.
  17. Anand would year on year select 30 students and train them for the IIT-JEe.
  18. The Super 30 movie was declared tax-free as it was an inspiration for all teachers and students.
  19. Super 30 has been striving to bridge the gap created between government and private schools.
  20. With limited infrastructure and a slow and steady transformation, a high quality of education is imparted.
  21. Anand has even been sought by parents to help their children become teachers.
  22. He has received threats and has been attacked by the mafia in Bihar. He has escaped eight attacks and in December 2018 his brother was beaten up.
  23. Anand believes that only hard work and will power takes you far and not money, infrastructure or facilities. For this reason, he has refused donations.


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