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THE GENESIS OF GENIUS Passion is energy. Use it or lose it? Let Us Get Inspired!

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If you often feel blind sighted, have faith and let passion lead you. Your desires shape your future. Your potentials must not be limited by barriers , instead, they must be fueled by the passion that burns in you.

It?s true what they say ?If you can?t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.? And a real life epitome of this proverb is Mr. Laxman Rao who?s a tea seller in Delhi. What marks Mr. Rao?s uniqueness? His chai comes with a story.

Mr.Laxman Rao, from Maharashtra has been selling tea outside IOT Hindi Bhavan from 3 to 9 since 26 years. But that isn?t his pivotal metier. Mr.Rao is also an author of 25 books. You heard me right. His passion for Hindi literature never died despite all the obstacles that life threw at him. He?s a proud writer who?s been recognized and appreciated on national levels by the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Not just that. Mr. Rao?s inspiring life story has caught the attention of famous international magazines like The Guardian and The New York times and media platforms like BBC. Good time for chai walas isn?t it?

He says he was greatly inspired by books written by Gulshan Nanda and that?s what set him to pursue his passion for literature. Since Mr. Rao was only a 10th pass when he first moved to Delhi, he faced more hurdles than most writers. Thus, he decided to cut off this hauling anchor by completing his 12th at 37. He then went on to graduating with a B.A Degree from Delhi University at 50 and an M.A in Hindi literature at 63. His story reminds us once again that learning has no age limits. It is a continuous process.

The aspiring writer had doors being shut on his face by numerous publishers before he managed to get his first book published singlehandedly. What?s astounding is how these rejections coaxed Mr. Rao to turn things around to the time when he?s now recognized as Lekhak ji and not just seen as a mere chai wala anymore. He sells his books at his tea stall and online portals like amazon and flipcart at an affordable price of Rs. 300, since he believes that knowledge must be reachable to all irrespective of their financial backgrounds.

Mr. Rao is a man of principles and encourages the folk to earn their bread with honesty and ethics. He believes that one must be true to his country and give back to the society. He promotes the idea of education for all and urges for parents to send their kids to school and gain literacy themselves. His life story has a lot of lessons for us to learn from. The smell of ginger from his tea is as strong as the words from his books and that?s what passion does to you. It helps you live and not just exist.


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