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This Startup?s Device Runs Water Pumps & Saves Farmer Lives For Just Rs 400! Find Out!

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The ?Smart Fault Preventer and Irrigation Controller? lets farmers irrigate their farms automatically, handles high voltage power and also manages electricity fluctuations ? all in one go!

?Throughout my life, I have seen how lack of rainfall, crop failure, loans, and debt trap have a negative impact on the lives of farmers,? says 24-year-old innovator and entrepreneur, Vikas Jamkhandi. The founder of the start-up?SymGrow?wanted to develop solutions to make farming a lucrative profession for them. The engineer developed stabilizers that automatically switch on water pumps without the farmer having to intervene, manages high voltage power that prevents farmer deaths from electrocutions and also manages electricity fluctuations preventing damage to water pumps.

He founded this startup with the objective to make irrigation sustainable, safe and hassle-free for Indian farmers. Today, Symgrow offers a wide range of electrical, electronic and IoT products that help farmers tackle their irrigation related challenges.

Startup India awarded the startup with the first prize in 2018 in the Agriculture sector. Then again in the same year, it was recognized as one of the top 10 Sustainable Enterprises in India by the Jagriti foundation.

Vikas developed the Smart Fault Preventer and Irrigation Controller? which manages electricity fluctuations and prevents burning of water pumps

The report on this subject noticed that irrigating fields in the night can be risky for farmers as coming into contact with low hanging conductors and attempting to repair failed transformers can lead to fatal accidents.

Vikas comes from an agricultural family in Athani, where his father and uncles have worked as farmers on their four-and-a-half acre land. Since childhood, he has witnessed and understood the hardships that a farmer?s family has to go through.

When he was in the 3rd year of engineering at R V College of Engineering in Bengaluru, he had a discussion with his father about how a lot of farmers lose their lives getting electrocuted. These take place when they are handling water pumps in their agricultural fields without being aware of the safety measures. Vikas formally founded Symgrow in 2018 but he had already started developing this solution since his time at college in 2017. He named the product, ?Smart Fault Preventer and Irrigation Controller? to help farmers with their irrigation woes.

To develop the product, Vikas spoke to several farmers to understand the problem and their needs better. Gradually, Symgrow developed its office and factory in Hubballi in Karnataka. Once the prototype was developed in mid-2018, they quickly started selling the product to farmers in the Belagavi district and went on to expand in neighboring districts like Bagalkot, Bijapur, and Dharwad.

Their team has also grown in size to about 14 people. Now, Symgrow is developing its second prototype of the stabilizers which is slated to be commercially sold in the next few months.


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