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A New Tool In Agriculture For Automization: The Pollination Of Rice Seeds!

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Mechanised Pollinator For Rice Seeds

Scarcity of food led to famine in India. Countless people lost their lives due to this scourge until some decades back. The scenario changed soon when India adapted to the green revolution. Modern agricultural techniques were implemented along with hybrid seeds which gave a significantly high yield. This helped India to wipe out the crisis of food shortage. India is now a surplus nation in food grains and one among the top exporters.

The above presentation is all about an agricultural tool which automates the pollination of rice seeds. This tool can also be used to sow the seeds to the land using the mechanised wheels. The tool is named ?Mechanised Pollinator for Rice seed?. This tool is effective in collecting the pollens and effectively assisting the plant for the fertilization and to the germination thereafter.

The first among several critical steps is pollination, a plan to undergo for yielding better results. Self-pollination is the natural way of pollination, but it usually depends upon various external factors on its success rate. The fertilization would happen only if the pollination is happening in an efficient manner. Hence, the step of pollination is pivotal for commercial level farming. Having a lower yield always results in bad returns to the farmer.

Several factors affect the pollination process. Climate conditions and temperature are the primary ones. As the farmers are not in a position to take a chance of getting pollinated, they usually choose the method of induced pollination. Induced pollination is a harbours job which consumes a lot of time and energy. Depending upon the method used, and the skill of the person who is doing that, the results may also vary.

With the tool ?Mechanised Pollinator for Rice seeds? the pollination method is made automated. This tool collects the male spores and injects into the female spores for the pollination. This is particularly helpful and effective for the farmers, as the human intervention required during the entire process is very minimal or near to zero. Precise deposits of the male spore to the female spores would enable the farmer to attain better pollination to his crops and better yield altogether.

This tool could also be used to sow the rice seeds in the land in an effective manner. As the sowing process is mechanised, the prescribed distance could be accurately met. This further helps the plants to grow in an effective manner.

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