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A Sigh Of Relief! New Techniques Introduced To Reduce Head Load For Labourers!

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Reduce Head Load For Labourers

Technology has evolved and taken a quantum leap but there is little or no respite to the hardships faced by a common laborer. It is a common sight to see the labor force struggling to carry large amounts of load on the head and back in their daily life to earn livelihood.

The heavy physical work with poor physical health leads to untimely aging and at times fatalities.

To alleviate the hardship, a system has been designed to provide relief and comfort to the workforce.

Structure Of The Reducer

The principle is to design a load-carrying mechanism which will transfer the load carried on the head to the shoulders and backside of the worker.

The product ? Load Carrier for Labour ? (LCL) is amazingly simple and costs just Rs 300 to make. Made of cane with metal and plastic fittings, it is amenable for production by local craftsmen anywhere in India. Where cane is abundantly available it can be produced of cane, but elsewhere it is possible to produce it out of

Who Pioneered It?

This product was designed & created by Vikram Dinubhai Panchal of The National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad

Advantages For The Laborers:

This will reduce the weight and increase the load-carrying capacity of the worker. This shall also prevent injuries namely to the head of the worker which can result in a disaster.

The system is economically designed which is convenient to carry and is light in weight. It consists of linkages, wheels, and a few accessories. It can also be converted to a trolley and a table as and when required. The structure is collapsible and can be easily assembled.


Load carrier reducer is bound to make the life of laborers at construction sites, factories, ports, railway stations, etc easy and reduce the occupational hazards in their jobs.

The innovation is indeed laudable because it kills two birds at a time: it provides relief to the users (workers), thereby increasing their productivity, and it creates business opportunities for the producers (village craftsmen). The product can be modified for use in other situations as well ? at camping sites, offices, libraries, or even as a baby carrier.


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